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  1. NeoStar


    Depends on the liquid honestly. If you soak anything in water for example, then yeah, its pretty disgusting. Milk kinda works a lot better though. As for when its okay to eat, I eat cereal in the afternoon way more often than I do in the morning ^-^
  2. NeoStar

    What's your least favorite texture pack?

    I love faithful and I'm using it pretty much all the time. I personally don't like those photorealistic resource packs that are 256x and up. It just doesn't really work well with the shapes of the blocks As for BDcraft, I don't really have an opinion. Personally I wouldn't use it but I don't think its bad or dislike it
  3. NeoStar

    Winter Build Competition Sign Ups

    IGN: NeoStarBG, Deathinmate Coordinates of Build: x:-140 y:69 z:1397 Context Questions What is the maximum area allowed for your build? 50x50 blocks When are all entries due by? Last day to build is Dec. 30th What is your favorite Christmas song and why? Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You, I have no idea why, I just like it
  4. NeoStar

    A Tavern! Now You Start Posting Some Memes

    This cannot be real but i still find it funny
  5. NeoStar

    Which Game System do you prefer?

    I'm gonna have to go with PC. You can emulate any console older than a PS2 and play all the games with any controller you want (there's USB versions of old controllers like NES, SNES and N64), free multiplayer (looking at you Sony and Microsoft >.>) and of course you can play Minecraft Java Edition. There's also tons of good indie games that couldn't make it to the consoles so yeah...
  6. NeoStar

    Would you rather?

    1. Fly really high up and enjoy the scenery as I soar over the buildings to where I'm going 2. Warp time, give myself answers to the exam and ace it 3. I don't think its healthy to eat the same thing for the rest of your life (but I do like pizza ;-;) 4. University, home, maybe to the bathroom if I ever feel lazy at night 5. Nothing, I would save it. I have everything I need right now and you never know when you'll need more money.
  7. NeoStar

    Favorite game besides MC

    Anything with a good singleplayer campaign/story. Some of my favorites are The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, Anything by Telltale, Life is Strange, Devil May Cry series, Legacy of Kain games were pretty good at the time I'm starting to get addicted to CS:GO as well
  8. NeoStar

    Favorite Anime

    Erased (Boku dake ga Inai Machi)! I love both plots revolving around time travel and murder mysteries and this one fits both perfectly!
  9. NeoStar

    Question Game

    What was the last book you read yourself?
  10. NeoStar

    Go to topping on pizza?

    Definitely bacon! Also not that special but I love mushrooms. Combine both with some ham and you got the perfect pizza for me.
  11. NeoStar

    What is your favorite style of building?

    I like building stuff that looks good and modern, yet look like nothing in real life if that makes sense. I also love landscaping and terraforming!
  12. NeoStar

    Do Any of You Have Pets?

    You'll have to rent an apartment in that case, Kevin. I really want to get a pug but even if I was allowed to have one in the dormitory there would not be enough space for me, my roommate and the pup! Anyway, my parents got a kitten this summer and named her Mariah She doesn't really have a breed as far as we know but she's cute nonetheless