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  1. Everneth Spleef Tournament III It has been a whole 8 months since the last one but we finally did it! The third Evernethian Spleef Tournament took place last Saturday and while some people were having fun, there were some who sadly had to uninstall the game after losing the Finals. Yep I'm talking to you aaron! We have some medals to give out to those who didn't immediately spleef themselves: Team Spleef Gold _Studio528_ & LtSnorlax Team Spleef Silver Beolyx & aaronmango Team Spleef Bronze WenFuutje & AsTuriuBanana Golden Shovel Beolyx - 5 Featherlight Boots aaronmango & Beolyx (2) Statistics: Falls: Beolyx- 2 aaronmango- 2 AsTuriuBanana- 3 Kaddaschatzi- 4 LtSnorlax- 4 _Studio528_ - 4 FearlessPie - 5 Sinks: Beolyx - 5 LtSnorlax- 4 Kaddaschatzi - 4 _Studio528_ - 3 aaronmango - 2 FearlessPie - 1 TrebbleM - 0 Sybillian - 0 lemonyfart - 0 Mr_Puddles- 0 ――――――――――― *In conclusion we would like to give a big THANK YOU, to everyone who participated and to those who just came by to spectate the match. We are looking forward to seeing you all participating again in other events we have planned!* ――――――――――― This event was only possible with the help of the Community Developers. If you would like to become one apply here.
  2. I am team with that noobsie a.k.a aaron
  3. Everneth Spleef Tournament III +―――――――――――+ Bring a Friend | Teams of Two Saturday, March 21st | 1 PM EST IP: games.everneth.com +―――――――――――+ Overview ――――――――――― Spleef is a minigame where players aim to destroy the floor underneath their opponents' feet in order to make them fall out of the arena. Naturally, the last man standing wins. RULES ――――――――――― Intentionally punching players is not allowed. Disqualification for breaking this rule is at the discretion of the Community Developer running the round. Since we've had issues with players trying to run away from their opponents in the past arena decay is now enabled from the start of the round. Contrary to the previous tournament we won't add up the time that you stay alive. So if both teammates fall off the platform before the opposing players do you are out! You can bring a friend too. Just sign your IGN and his/ hers so we know! AWARDS ――――――――――― Team Spleef Gold - Awarded to the winners of the tournament. Team Spleef Silver - Awarded to the runner-ups of the tournament. Team Spleef Bronze - Awarded to the second runner-ups of the tournament. Golden Shovel Medal - Awarded to the player with the most sinks. Featherlight Boots - Awarded to the player with the least falls. CLOSING AND SIGNUPS ――――――――――― Both teammates have to reply to this thread to have your team enter into the tournament! To sign up for the third Spleef tournament, reply to this thread. If you do not have a teammate you may sign up solo. We will try to pair solo players with one another. However if there's too little players you will have to participate by yourself. ――――――――――― *If you sign up, please make sure to check Discord or the forums a day prior to the event as I will announce the details including the qualifying groups then.*
  4. Everneth Spleef Tournament III +―――――――――――+ Teams Saturday, March 21st | 1 PM EST IP: games.everneth.com +―――――――――――+ To sign up to this event please reply to this thread! This post will be updated as people sign up. Feel free to ask any questions you have here as well. SIGNED UP ――――――――――― aaronmango & Beolyx Pandeoo & Cerium WenFuutje & AsTuriuBanana Kaddaschatzi & FearlessPie Studio528_ SillyEmily AmzCuriousPanda Kovandu lemonyfart Sybillian *Sign ups will close on 21st of March at 12:00 pm EST, so we can form the brackets*
  5. Welcome to the forums! Good luck on getting whitelist!
  6. The sign ups are closed! +―――――――――――+ The winner is NeonNarwhal4 with 655pts +―――――――――――+
  7. Everneth Abba Caving Event +―――――――――――+ Saturday Feb 8th| 2pm EST Place: Will be announced 30ish minutes before the event! +―――――――――――+ ORIGIN OF ABBA CAVING ――――――――――― Abba Caving is a winner-takes-all caving game within Minecraft that was originally made popular by the Mindcrack Minecraft community. The basic premise is that individuals or teams try to gather as many ressources as possible in a fixed time. Different ressources give different scores, and the player/team with the highest total score wins! RULES――――――――――― All players must start and end at the same time! A Silk Touch pickaxe must be used by all participants! Each player has 20 minutes to gather as many ores as possible! Players may dig in any direction from the start point, and may explore any ore caves, etc. Strip Mining is dissallowed unless there is a point in the game where we run out of caves. In that case there will be an announcement lifting this rule. PVP is NOT allowed! *Note: If you don't have a Silk Touch pickaxe, you'll be provided one for the event!* POINT SYSTEM ――――――――――― Points are awarded per ore block in each players inventory at the end of the allotted time, based on the following table: (ORES) (DUNGEON LOOT) Emeralds- 6 points Diamond, Music disc., Nametag, Saddle- 2 points Diamonds- 5 points Armor- 2 points Gold- 3 points Golden apple- 4 points Lapis Lazuli- 3 points Notch Apple- 20 points Redstone- 1point Iron- 1 point SIGNUPS ――――――――――― To sign up for this event, reply to this post We wish you all best of luck and may the BEST one take all the gooodies 😛
  8. Everneth Abba Caving Event +―――――――――――+ Saturday Feb 8th| 2pm EST Place: Will be announced 30ish minutes before the event! +―――――――――――+ *To sign up to this event please reply to this thread! This post will be updated as people sign up.* Feel free to ask any questions you have here as well. SIGNED UP ――――――――――― Beolyx Kaddaschatzi SillyEmily plasticcarrot DefendPopPunk 20JPorte WenFuutje Kovandu NeonNarwhal4
  9. I got to know about the server from a friend, who had recently joined
  10. The suggestions are closed! Thanks to everyone who's suggested movies. Poll: https://strawpoll.com/p3x827az
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