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  1. MakenziePK

    What Minecraft Videos Do You Watch?

    Ahh I love his evo series too! His base is really cool. Actually, watching his evo is what made me want to try out this server
  2. MakenziePK

    What is your favorite food?

    My favorite foods are anything pasta. I especially love to add fried vegetables into my pasta so I can be "healthy" haha!
  3. MakenziePK

    Breakfast Foods

    With peanut butter? Haven't tried that one before, but it sounds pretty good! I like to do syrup and I usually add vanilla extract to my egg mix.
  4. MakenziePK

    Much wood, Such w0w, Very afk

    Wow! I had no idea that fully automatic wood farms were possible! Building a giant farm like that must be really rewarding. How long did it take you to build on the creative world? And how long do you think it takes in survival?
  5. MakenziePK

    Breakfast Foods

    Good morning! Since it is morning time (at least, it is for me) I was wondering what your favorite breakfast food is. I like french toast the best because it tastes good but has eggs so I get the protein I need for the day!
  6. MakenziePK

    Favorite Movie?

    My favorite movies are the pokemon kind (because I'm a mega nerd), Lilo and Stitch, and Adam Sandler movies.
  7. I like to watch the Hermit Crafters, like MumboJumbo and Iskall85. I also enjoy Grian because he has taught me a lot about building.
  8. MakenziePK

    Finally started...

    What texture pack are you using that makes the diorite look good?
  9. I'm really torn between building an igloo base, a tree base, or a ranch base. What do you all think? With the igloo base, I could build ice sculptures, with the tree base it could feel really homey, and the ranch base would fit perfectly with farms!
  10. MakenziePK

    what's your favorite soda?

    I'm not the biggest fan of soda, but I like to drink root beer sometimes. Does lemonade count?