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  1. Jacovic

    Everneth Spooktacular: Trick or Treat Sign Ups

    This is gonna be fun Cords: X=-321 Z= 2 JacobVQ
  2. Does optifine out for 1.13 yet?
  3. Jacovic

    is 1.13 a good update?

    Hello. i love the new update. but im not sure that everyone likes it. do you like it?
  4. Jacovic

    have enyone made a...

  5. Jacovic

    have enyone made a...

    Have enyone made a underwater cave base?
  6. Jacovic


    What version of minecraft did water be added?
  7. Jacovic

    Dog or cat?

    Do you prefere cat or dog?
  8. Jacovic

    Redstone or Building?

    Do you prefere Redstone or building?
  9. Hi. i started playing minecraft in beta 1.8. but maybe you started before be?
  10. Jacovic

    Build styles

    Hello. is there a building theme that you must follow. or do you just build whatever style you want -Jacob
  11. hi Kaddaschatzi, whats the does the titels mean fx Council Member

    -Jacob :)