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  1. My favourite update is 1.7 as I feel it had the least amount of dumb gimmicks and it is a very enjoyable experience in both survival mode and creative mode. My least favourite update was 1.9 as it completely changed the combat system and made me go from good at pvp to being horrible at pvp.
  2. 0zm0sis

    How Long is a season?

    Ok thank you I’ll be on the lookout.
  3. 0zm0sis

    How Long is a season?

    I know this is propbably a stupid question but how long is the average season and when did season 4 start?
  4. 0zm0sis

    All Time Favorite Video Game (Excluding MC)

    My favourite game is pokemon x mostly from nostalgia.
  5. 0zm0sis

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    I play piano and clarinet and I know how to play recorder.
  6. 0zm0sis

    Go to topping on pizza?

    I like tomato's, mushroom's, and olive's, I know i'm weird.
  7. 0zm0sis

    what's your favorite soda?

    I love sprite and 7-up and gingerale
  8. 0zm0sis

    Related SMP's?

    What Minecraft SMPs are Everneth like?
  9. 0zm0sis


    Thank you Zieon ill go on the test server and see what i can do!
  10. 0zm0sis

    Building Plans

    I think that a series of bunkers would be awesome and would be very fun to build!
  11. 0zm0sis

    What kind of base should I build?

    I think that an igloo base would be cool (no pun intended) as you could have a huge underground bunker that stores all the plants and animals in minecraft.
  12. 0zm0sis

    Darkness is Upon Us

    I personally like daylight-savings time as I usually get a better sleep and I LOVE my sleep.
  13. 0zm0sis

    What is your favorite style of building?

    I absolutely adore futuristic and modern builds since I love quartz, concrete and terracotta blocks.
  14. I was just wondering how many people were on the server in total. Also approximately how many people will be on the server at all times.
  15. 0zm0sis

    What Minecraft Videos Do You Watch?

    I watch Mumbo for Redstone and Hermitcraft, and I watch Grian for Building tips and minecraft Evo SMP.