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  1. AverySD

    Favorite Movie

    @PrincessBubblesYeah, I watched the movie at-least 5 times and every time I watch it I enjoy it as much as the first time.
  2. I don't know if this is already a thread or if it was part of a reply, but how long have you been playing Minecraft? I started playing back in 1.5 (2011).
  3. AverySD

    What steam games do you play?

    My most played steam games are CSGO, H1Z1, and MW2.
  4. AverySD

    Favorite Movie

    My favorite movie is probably Robin Hood or a Netflix movie called Dope. I've never seen Starwars (sorry) but when I do I want to watch them all in order of release date (I know that some movies were prequels).