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  1. cheeseballzzzzz


    heyy guys&gals obviously wither kiling is essential but is there a specific area or limit to how many withers can be killed cause i rely on beacons for digging
  2. cheeseballzzzzz

    away time

    oh ok thats understandable
  3. cheeseballzzzzz

    away time

    heyy guys i read that people that aren't active get punished does it count if the owners or mods are notified
  4. cheeseballzzzzz


    heyy there Are there any pluggins on this server and is so which ones cause i like pure vanilla and puggined vanilla
  5. cheeseballzzzzz


    heyy guys will the server be moving to 1.13 cause then the builds will be amazing
  6. cheeseballzzzzz


    heyy guys what is the parliament and what do they do cause i have never seen this on a server before tbh it intrigues me
  7. cheeseballzzzzz

    allowed mods

    heyy community just wanted to know is the cape mode allowed on the server just wanted to know thanks