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    Favourite aspect of 1.13.2

    I might sound kind of bias, but my favorite aspect is the water changes since now it's fun to stop and look around in the ocean for loot instead of it being a long and boring process to cross large bodies of water.
  2. MikuChanAnime

    When you started playing MC?

    I've been playing since version 1.2.5
  3. MikuChanAnime

    Character Profile: Arlin Zumrik

    This is a really nice character profile 👍
  4. MikuChanAnime

    An Audience with the King: Chapter One.

    While slowly backing up, Rem asks Icarus with a shaky voice, "What the hell is that?"
  5. MikuChanAnime

    An Audience with the King: Chapter One.

    Hesitating, Rem responds with a quiet, "Sure," as so much has happened so fast, leaving her flustered.
  6. MikuChanAnime

    Rem's Character Card

    Rem is my character for the Kingstone RP
  7. MikuChanAnime

    Wanted: Translators

    ay lmao I wrote those book lol.