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  1. Oh that's pretty cool, in general my hometown is fairly boring but we have this festival called the chilli festival and as a part of it there's a chilli eating competition where people basically eat hotter and hotter chillis until they either throw up or give up
  2. was about to suggest the same thing
  3. I'm gonna sign up but I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it or not but hopefully I'll be able to, not gonna win anyway
  4. probably won't win the vote but blade runner 2049 one of the best films I've ever seen
  5. Joeker1


    So ive been trying to come up with ideas for a build on the server and it got me wondering how other people come up with ideas from builds. Personally i take ideas from books, movies, games, tv shows, etc
  6. I really enjoy swimming and i compete nationally, soon to be internationally in lifeguard competions
  7. i also play games such as destiny 2, titanfall 2 and assassins creed
  8. my favourite food is probably gonna have to be ice cream
  9. oh thats such a cool idea, ill definitely check those out if i get on
  10. quite a few people for me as well. I really enjoy hat films, yogscat stuff, gameranx, callmekevin, willne, etc
  11. I really enjoy artists such as imagine dragons, bastille, twenty one pilots, lukas graham, etc
  12. I dont read as much as i used to anymore but i really love the Gone series by Michael Grant and the Maximum ride series by James Patterson
  13. Joeker1


    So I wanna get to know people on the server better so im curious what sort of movies do you guys enjoy. Personally Im a massive marvel fan and religiously watch all of their movies the week they release
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