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  1. RACE: Fyall Dvergen (Dwarf) AGE: 46 Years (~23 In Human years) HEIGHT: 4ft 5in HAIR: Jet black, long bushy beard. EYES: Sky Blue SMELLS LIKE: Strong whiskey and windblown pine needles. ENJOYS: Drinking, communing with the elements, enchanting. Drinking. Fighting, then drinking with his opponent. BRIEF HISTORY: Bjorengahr Wildhammer was forced into the leader's chair when his father, Dalgahr Wildhammer, died under mysterious circumstances. A colossal earthquake from an unknown source struck his mountain home and reaved a grand chunk of land infused with Gravitite into the sea. After a while and a long time drifting, the mountain settled in a freezing sea, close to several other indigenous kingdoms with which Bjorengahr and the other Wintercrown initiates interacted and traded with. Now, stranded but surviving with ease, Bjorengahr seeks to increase the quality of life for his remaining subjects and allow them to prosper in a world with true competitors.