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  1. TFWarcry

    Favourite YouTubers?

    I usually watch a mix. I watch a bunch of random Kpop videos, but also Braille Skateboarding, Luis Mora, Mini Ladd, Form of Therapy, JRE, Achievement Hunter, Kryoz, Fitz, Smii7y, as well as a bunch of Hermitcrafters.
  2. TFWarcry

    Do you have a go-to biome?

    I almost always try to find either an Extreme Hills/Mountains biome or a nice place underground
  3. I use a fair amount of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, and Steam, Battle.net and Discord if you include those as Social Media.
  4. TFWarcry

    What resource pack do you use?

    I personally use Faithful 2.2 for 1.13, what do you guys use? I'm thinking about maybe switching up so I'd like some suggestions
  5. I'm trying to improve on my building skills, and I'm thinking about finding an ocean far away from other people and building a giant structure in the middle of the ocean. Maybe settling on a nearby island until I have resources.
  6. TFWarcry

    Preferred aspect of Minecraft?

    Which part of the game do you enjoy the most? The building, Redstone, mining, farming or exploring? For me, I prefer building, Redstone and exploring.
  7. TFWarcry

    Favourite music genre?

    For me, I like a wide variety of music (my Spotify playlist), ranging from heavy metal like Slipknot and Amon Amarth to Kpop like iKON and Stray Kids, and even to other songs like Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC and A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.
  8. TFWarcry

    Where are you from?

    I'm from Western Australia and I'm new to this server, and I want to gauge to see where everyone else is from and how far away you guys are from me