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  1. CallMeMoshi

    I've Been Gone

    Good luck with school! Hope we see you back on soon!
  2. CallMeMoshi

    What are Your Plans for 1.13?

    I've already put some of my ideas to the test, albeit most failed. Also, they've already created a certain design for trident farms in the farm developing community. I built Mumbo's wood farm at my base yesterday, and it's been giving me great amounts of wood!
  3. CallMeMoshi

    Favorite Block?

    Mine are definitely Diamond Blocks ;-; It's the main currency of the server, and I love money >:)
  4. I know this might not be the exact situation people on here deal with, but, I lag out a lot, yet, I have a gaming pc with high enough specs to run Minecraft. It lags out without optifine. If I have optifine, it's just fine, BUT, 1.13 doesn't have optifine yet, and it's really, really annoying for me to play with the current fps. I get around 10 fps instead of my usual 60, which is, I must say, a big drop. Does anyone have any suggestions? **EDIT** I just fixed it! After a few searches...well, it's the discord overlay causing the issue! Apparently it makes your pc go nuts or something somehow!
  5. CallMeMoshi

    Go to topping on pizza?

    Pepperoni it is. With extra cheese ofc. You never forget the cheese...NEVER 😂 My favorite is from Domino's 👀
  6. CallMeMoshi

    Favorite Coffee Place?

    Starbucks it is for me too They have free wifi, and I like my personal cup 😤 It's a great place for studying too 😂
  7. CallMeMoshi

    Texture Packs

    Good ol' faithful is the best. It makes the default minecraft look much, much smoother.
  8. CallMeMoshi

    What are the best minecraft mods for you guys?

    Pixelmon was my favorite, but they sadly took that down. Now, I play with Jazz on a Pokemon server with a special texture pack. Not the same experience though, I must say
  9. CallMeMoshi

    What is it you love most about minecraft?

    Getting stacked up with items is my favorite thing to do on Minecraft I love how people can bring their ideas to life inside a game. Oh, and I love talking to people I play with