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  1. I read the most recent "Rant." post and commented my opinion and wanted to do what I suggested by including a little background of myself, like an intro, and a different questions I haven't seen recently. I'm starting my senior year in HS and thinking about studying Electrical Engineering in college. I've always been strong in Math and Science which is the key aspects in any field of Engineering. In one of my classes last year in HS I learned basic coding which is also something I'll be considering studying in college. In my intro I asked if anyone was into Engineering and one person replied. I'd like to see what everyone else is thinking about studying, currently studying, or already working a job in their field of study. Please don't just comment, "I'm a nurse" or "I'm studying to become a construction worker." Please give details and background knowledge so I can reply and have conversations.
  2. The main series that I've enjoyed is 'I am Number Four'. I'm really into sci-fi and these books really struck my interest.
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