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  1. Omg why must you torture me you know I canā€™t change my skin without it being a noob steve skin rip me. :,(
  2. OMG THATS HER MASTER PLAN. Sheā€™s been playing it to learn all about Ass sins and how to become one. SHE IS GONnA KILL BEO. RUNN BEO. Iā€™m on to you Kathi
  3. Kathi was just has been totally not acceptable and she was COMPLETELY RUDE she said she was gonna KILL BEO. (Inserts screenshot of Kathi saying she was gonna kill beo oh shit I forgot). Since her attitude was far very rude and very bad I expect her to be permanently banned by 5:08 PM. Whoā€™s with me should she be banned :P?
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