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  1. 123koan

    Four Corners of The World!

    lmao Steel. Good luck everyone else XD
  2. 123koan

    Four Corners of The World!

    Hello everyone! I have recently been to each of the corners of our map with the 8000 blocks boundary. I traveled by land and sea to take in the amazing sites of our wonderful world! While exploring each of the edges and corners of the world I have found tons of loot!! So what I decided to do was share that loot to anyone willing to travel to any of those corners! Things in the chests range from golden apples, horse armor, diamonds, hearts of sea and any other things found in chests around the world! If you would like to go looking for these chests feel free! If you'd be so kind to only take from ONE of the chests that would be appreciated, be nice and don't go looting all chests! Once you have looted one of the chests post a screenshot in the chat! (I forgot what I put in them) and also put the cords of the corner you went to so no one else goes in that direction and finds nothing. I found a lot of amazing biomes in the process and some really cool areas, showcased here, and if anyone wants the cords PM me. I am still building my nether tunnels at the top of the ceiling for my biome tunnels that are only accessible if you buy one of my Condos! Happy hunting! Enjoy!
  3. 123koan

    Everneth Spooktacular: Trick or Treat Sign Ups

    Me me! Cords: -3472 -282 (Just take my portal, Red section, 2nd floor.) Lets get Spoooooopyypyy
  4. 123koan

    Is This the End? Yes AND No.

    I Hope your Plans work out! Lifes hard sometimes, its why it took me years to come back to the game so we understand. Everything in life works out in the end if you put your mind to it. Good luck with your GED, Drivers License, and the Military!
  5. Building an Underwater base, Which Lighting you think works best i'm stuck. The lily pads have the Sea Pickles Under them. What you think of the Design
  6. 123koan

    Coral Reefs

    Anyone found some of these yet? Went in the ocean for a few hours traveling and haven't found any. Need to destroy those things for my own benefit Lol. Ill pay for the Cords