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  1. Vhbob ( Vincent on discord ) 780, - 2050 Nether hub top floor of blue in the corner: "Newport"
  2. vhbob

    Name change

    Better change your ender tunnel's name
  3. Hello, I have noticed that the server maps are unable to load. On chrome it displays "play.everneth.com refused to connect". Figured I should post this here. I hope to see it fixed! Best of luck.
  4. Hello! I was wondering what other games players on this server are involved in. Personally, I enjoy Path of Exile and Overwatch.
  5. Looks good! A suggestion I have is to include more of the spire shaped tower things seen in most Victorian houses like this one: http://s3-production.bobvila.com/articles/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/victorian-houses.jpg
  6. Hello! If I get accepted to the server I would really love to create a gigantic, expansive kingdom build with several functional buildings like farms, docks, mines, a shopping district, etc. Would anyone be interested in partnering with me in this massive project?
  7. Sea lanterns fit the best, although it may be the most difficult to farm.
  8. Indie Rock is my favorite but I enjoy most types of music
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