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  1. Swoozie_

    Name change

    I'm changing my Name, I shall now be known as SlyOnyx_
  2. Swoozie_

    Base build

    How much would it cost me for a good base build? and who is a good builder that could do it?
  3. Swoozie_

    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    Krat and I
  4. Swoozie_

    Favorite past time

    What is everyones favorite past time and why
  5. Swoozie_

    1000 Posts Game

    Scot Pollard who played on the Indiana Pacers wore the number 62
  6. Swoozie_


    Who here enjoys a good ol game of UHC?
  7. Swoozie_

    What music do you guys listen to?

    i pretty much listen to any type besides that damn mumble rap
  8. Swoozie_

    Favorite food?

    Pizza hands down. along with most anything my wife cooks for me
  9. Swoozie_

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    I play drums
  10. Swoozie_

    What is your favorite book?

    Tuesdays With Morrie. Great book! talks about life, death, marriage, etc etc