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  1. DaEndGame

    Building style

    I'm a bit of a rustic/medieval guy. But I don't mind experimenting every now and again in different styles, as you can only get better by challenging yourself. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with if and when you're accepted to the server and get building.
  2. DaEndGame

    When you started playing MC?

    TBH I have no idea when I started playing. Wasnt paying that much attention.
  3. DaEndGame

    Favorite Youtuber?

    ATM I've been watching a lot of Mumbo Jumbo and Grian
  4. DaEndGame


    I'm a nutter for fantasy and sci-fi. I only really watch movies outside of that criteria if A) I'm bored and there's nothing better I can find, or B) its got good CGI. I really like CGI
  5. DaEndGame


    Generally I pick out a few themes, decide between them which I want to try and then hunt through you tube and the internet for inspiration. Other times I'll just start by picking out a theme and beginning to build, experimenting the whole way through.
  6. DaEndGame

    Views of our world

    Very nice indeed
  7. DaEndGame

    Pudds & Kathis Season 4 Base

    @Kaddaschatzi Id love that. I'll take you up on that offer once my application is accepted (hopefully) and I've gotten myself started.
  8. DaEndGame

    1000 Posts Game

    70% chemistry, 30% good lucks and 13% pure dumb luck
  9. DaEndGame

    Favorite food?

    Hard to pick, but if i had to narrow it down itd be between Curry (of any kind), Peanut butter related food items and pizza.
  10. DaEndGame

    What music do you guys listen to?

    Im into most kinds of rock and punk and I'll listen to some pop music depending on the artist as well as number of artists in various other genres cause i like their music. I listen to bands like Green Day, The All-American Rejects, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Other Lives, Simple Plan and many others.
  11. DaEndGame

    Other games you play?

    I play RPGs and Survival games mostly, like Skyrim (playing for 5 years now) and Witcher. I also enjoy RTS games aswell and of those I play the Age of Empires and Stronghold games.
  12. DaEndGame

    Favorite past time

    Reading and/or playing video games because they allow me to escape from reality when i need a break.
  13. DaEndGame

    What is your favorite book?

    For me it'd hawve to be either the Kingkiller Chronicles serie by Patrick Rothfuss or World of Prime series by M. C. Planck.
  14. DaEndGame

    Pudds & Kathis Season 4 Base

    Amazing build. I woukd comment on each part as i saw fit but @RashE (IrashiHeart) has already said all.
  15. DaEndGame

    A Great Empire Expands into Everneth.

    Looks amazing. Cant wait to see the finished product and to see it in person.