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  1. Nice lore! You should write more!!!!
  2. Ajiv


    Hey! I'm currently not whitelisted, but if i get approved, im hoping to make a big kingdom or something, and a fish bowl type base underground (i talked about that in another post). So, I was needing a place to build it if i get white-listed, and the map doesn't work so, does anyone have a good, zoomable map? Thanks!
  3. Looks to good to be true. Cant wait to see it in person, or in game idk lol
  4. Hey! I have a base idea. I will be doing something like this - Minecraft Timelapse - Draining an Ocean - In it, Archelaus makes a wall in the ocean, then goes in the area thats closed off and makes sand walls 3-5 blocks from eachother. Then, he gets sponges and clears the rest of the water out. After, he clears the sand out with torches. I also have an idea to make some sort of castle aboce it. If i can get a map of agood area, i ill go in and try and make a layout. Thats what my base is probably going to be. If you have any base ideas of your own that i can use, notify me please!
  5. I read all the Harry Potters, I'm reading the Maze Runner series by James Dashner which i'm really enjoying, and the first Hunger Games.
  6. i mostly listen to a artist called netnobody. Hes pretty good. Kinda a mix of rap and hip-hop or pop. i also listen to xxxTentacion. I like alot of his songs.
  7. Hey! I was wondering, whats everyones Favorite Youtuber? Mines personally multiple people. I don't really have a favorite.
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