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    When you started playing MC?

    I read @AverySD's thread on when people started playing Minecraft and wanted to pitch in. I started playing in 2012 and have been playing on and off ever since!
  2. imcalledtheo

    Favourite aspect of 1.13.2

    Was just wondering what everyone's favourite aspect of 1.13.2 is? mine is probably the treasure maps and hidden treasure, it gives excitement and more of an opportunity to find valuable items that we've not had in previous updates.
  3. imcalledtheo

    Building style

    Hey guys, was just wondering what everyone's building styles were like? Personally, I enjoy a mix of steampunk and modern at the moment
  4. imcalledtheo

    Favorite Youtuber?

    Has to be Syndicate at the moment, his new black ops videos are too good, has me watching for hours.
  5. imcalledtheo

    What is your favorite book?

    I enjoy poetry books like eighteen years, the sun and her flowers, milk and honey, etc
  6. imcalledtheo

    Favorite food?

    I would honestly eat pasta for every meal if that was accptable and healthy, can't get enough of it.
  7. imcalledtheo


    I enjoy most movies I watch, there have only been a few times where I've left the cinema feeling like I've wasted my money. My favourite genre of movies though has to be a mix of mystery, adventure and fantasy.
  8. imcalledtheo

    Other games you play?

    Recently I've replayed Rise of the Tomb Raider and really enjoyed it!
  9. imcalledtheo

    What music do you guys listen to?

    I enjoy bands like LANY, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Fleetwood Mac and King No-one, etc