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  1. FineBricks

    Favorite Aspects of the Community

    I recently applied to be whitelisted on the server and would like to know everyone's favorite part about being apart of the Everneth community. What do you enjoy about it and what are some things you don't enjoy(if any).
  2. FineBricks

    Other games you play?

    I occasionally play some prison architect to very it up a bit. I really enjoy it after a couple days of minecraft.
  3. FineBricks


    I enjoy comedy and super hero movies. Horror movies are not for me, I do not like them one bit. I am a pretty big marvel fan and have seen every movie but have not read the comics along with them.
  4. FineBricks

    Favorite food?

    PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!!! To me all Italian foods are delicious. Pizza and Pasta are two of my favorites.
  5. FineBricks

    Building style

    If it's digging a hole I find that very relaxing unlike most people. All I have to do is sit back, put on some nice music, and mine away with the picaxe.
  6. FineBricks

    What is your favorite book?

    I enjoyed the Maze Runner series greatly and I also enjoyed reading the Mortality Doctrine series. Both are by James Dashner, probably my favorite author now that I am thinking about it.
  7. FineBricks

    Building style

    I'm not the greatest exterior builder so I like building underground. It lets me design the interior with great detail and not having to worry about what the outside of the building looks like. Inside I use a variation of a rustic/medieval castle design with big arches and wooden frames.
  8. FineBricks

    Favourite aspect of 1.13.2

    I have to agree with MikuChanAnime on this one. The new water changes make exploring the oceans so much better. Not only exploring but the water changes brought new aspects to building underwater bases or decorating with aquariums.
  9. FineBricks

    When you started playing MC?

    I started first playing when 1.8 was released. I've been off and on ever since but recently took an extended break. I would like to get back into the swing of things in the new 1.13 update.