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  1. Jaxxx1e

    Season 5 Roleplay Signups/ Faction Index

    Jaxxxie#0383 and i would be interested in joining Kingstone Best regards, jack
  2. Jaxxx1e

    King's Cup II Signups

    A bit late but sign me up Jaxxx1e
  3. Jaxxx1e

    Favorite food?

    Cake, any kind of cake, carrot cake, sponge cake, just not choclate cake
  4. I personally really enjoy Brooklyn nine nine and Terry Crew's performance in it, I feel like he has the perfect amount of humor and seriousness when he is delivering his lines, what about you? Im interested in hearing all of your replies Jack
  5. Jaxxx1e


    I really liked hot fuzz and superbad, two very interesting and funny cop films, if you have time i suggest you watch them both
  6. Jaxxx1e

    What is your job/field of study?

    I am currently in my first year of college doing 2 BTECs in Law and Applied Science, both of these fields really interest me and i hope i do a job in the future that incorporates both of these (:
  7. Jaxxx1e

    What music do you guys listen to?

    I know im going to sound basic lol, but i really enjoy artists such as post malone myself (:
  8. Jaxxx1e

    Favorite Youtuber?

    I like mumbo jumbo, but most of my favorite youtubers arent minecraft youtubers as The Sidemen and Pianta.
  9. Jaxxx1e

    When you started playing MC?

    I started playing in 1.7.2 as i really like minecraft hunger games on the Hive and that is what made me start playing minecraft, i actually got pretty good at it, reaching roughly 25 000 points and beating a you tuber called Such Speed
  10. Jaxxx1e

    Building style

    Im personally no the best builder, lol, although when i do, i like to make medieval big projects which i can spend a lot of time on. (i especially like building ships and cave houses cause there easy)
  11. Jaxxx1e

    Other games you play?

    I am also fond of Overwatch, i play it a lot in my spare time, along with league of legends (although it is currently in off season) and Destiny 2, as it recently became free