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  1. Reexy

    What's your favorite biome?

    i love the Plains biome
  2. Reexy


    DOGS!!!! because they are awesome.
  3. Reexy

    Favourite music genre?

    hip-hop because of my parents
  4. Reexy

    fav video game

    Minecraft, because it's my childhood
  5. Reexy

    Building style

    Rustic Style because I have been building that way for a long time.
  6. Reexy

    Other games you play?

    Fortnite Subnautica because they are pretty fun
  7. Reexy

    When you started playing MC?

    2011 my friend told me about it and I downloaded it
  8. Reexy

    Favorite Tv show and actor from the Show

    Millie Bobby Brown From Stranger Things
  9. Reexy

    Favorite food?

    Chicken Fingers because Rasing Canes is babe