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    Welcome to the Forums
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    My first few days on the Everneth server

    My first few days on the Everneth sever were quite amazing. I started by going off by myself some 8000 odd blocks away from spawn (mainly so my mess of a base will not be view until I finish it. lol). I started with a few simple farms as seen in the photos below: A cow farm, chicken/egg farm, a pumpkin/melon farm (not included below), and an AFK fishing farm. All of these were quick projects that will be good for starting me out. I have plans for my base and a large scale mob farm for stock in my shop. Speaking of my shop, it may not be the prettiest build, but it wasn't supposed to be. The Ranger's Den is open for business! I sell a bit of everything: Enchantment books (Including mending); saddles (price drop for these will be happening, for these are not selling well); Mob drops (will be in stock when my farm is complete); quartz; eggs; ect..... I think you get the point. level is scheduled to be completed in the next two weeks (delayed because I work a very time-consuming job) I also took some free stuff to get me started, even the curse of vanishing stuff [Thanks Yuri]. I died and lost many things these few days but I am still doing great. Thank you all for being so welcoming towards me. -RangerofShadowz- The quiet shadow of Everneth
  3. RangerofShadowz

    Redstone Community Projects

    Are there any community Redstone farms on the Everneth server? If not, I hope to convince you all (If I am accepted) to build in a far off chunk (to reduce lag) an Iron farm that is open to the community (Unless someone sells Iron I would hate to undercut anyone).