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  1. TomatoSoup26

    Anyone know any good texture packs?

    I've been using default for a while and I'm looking for a change, any suggestions?
  2. TomatoSoup26

    Anyone know any good texture packs?

    Where would I find this pack?
  3. Minecraft IGN TomatoSoup26 Where do you live? (What State if USA) Washington State What is your age? (Don't worry, there isn't a limit) 18 Do you know someone in our Community? not that I know of Have you been banned elsewhere before? not that I know of What are you looking for in a Minecraft Community? I'm looking to make some new friends who are fun to talk to. I want nice people who are active and have the same odd passion for this game as I do. What do you love and/or hate about Minecraft? I love building cool houses and exploring. I hate redstone. Tell us something about you. My favorite hobby is juggling. My favorite color is brown. My favorite animal is a bear. My favorite food is chicken nuggets. I like music. What is the secret word? Silverfish View full application