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  1. Thank you for your response!
  2. Ah this is good to know, because I recently left an SMP because the connection was too bad so I hope this'll work out! And my internet connection isn't the best so ye.
  3. Hello, Iris here once again. I have a question about the organisation of the map. Is there different districts on the map such as in hermitcraft ( to which I will refer once again ). And in each distrit we have to build a base themed on the genre of the district. If you dont get whta I am saying, here is a map of the Hermitcraft server So basically, if you want to build in modern, your base will have to be modern-like. Or if for exemple, you want to build in Pirate Island, your base will have to be "piratey". If there isn't this system already, it would be great to introduce it in the next season of Everneth SMP to add a little bit of spice to the experience. That's about all for now! Irisy out ~
  4. Irisy_


    Hello, Iris here with another post. So I was wondering what shops there wer currently and I would like to see so if I get accepted I already have an idea of what to do. Also I would like to know if there are different like "commercial" teams such as ConCorp Inc. or Architech in hermitcraft. So don't hesitate on replying to this thread to inform me of the different types of shop and answer my question! Thank you in advance for your responses. Iris out ~
  5. I go for more of a "fantastic, RPG-like" texture pack. So for the moment I am using the Wynncraft texture pack. I quite like it
  6. Hello peeps, Iris here with another idea. first of all I would like to ask if there is a railway system in the server, if there is this post is irrelevant. Now my idea: If iI get whitelisted, I would like to introduce a paid railway system for which you'll pay tickets to travel in. There would also be subscriptions. The railway system would go throughout the whole map (if possible) which will make travelling in the server much easier. I am always open for feedback so dont hesitate on replying to this! Iris out ~
  7. Hello, Iris here and I want your opinions. So I did some research on the kind of base I wanted to have and I found multiple results. So I would like to know which one you prefer and if you could recommend me any materials to build it out ouff it would be great. But without further ado here are the exemples I found : Thanks in advance for your opinions and bye! 😁
  8. This is actually an helpful question since I live in France, but I guess I have my answer here, thanks to you! 👍
  9. I like the build but the thing is that I find it too square. You should try and round the tips a bit if possible. Otherwise, it's pretty cool! 👍
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