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  1. Minecraft IGN TooManyBeanie Where do you live? (What State if USA) CA What is your age? (Don't worry, there isn't a limit) 14 Do you know someone in our Community? Espio Eclipse Have you been banned elsewhere before? I have only been banned on 1 server, but it was a while ago and i am more mature now. What are you looking for in a Minecraft Community? Good People, actually good server where i can do stuff and interact with a nice community. What do you love and/or hate about Minecraft? I love the diverse amount of servers and people you can meet, what i hate is how hard it is to find good servers, people ect Tell us something about you. I Collect Retro Video Games and Play bass, and collect airsoft guns (i actually do play at a real field) What is the secret word? Enderman View full application