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  1. I can already tell that the amount of non roleplay and roleplayers on the server is somewhat of a 50/50, some players are going to always be in character and some are going to most likely be fairly disconnected from it. I would tend to be disconnected from it personally, since roleplay can be a tad to extensive. But maybe dabble in it sometimes! I hope to see you on the server!
  2. I use Faithful x32 it's an amazing texture pack, I highly recommend it.
  3. Hey everyone! if you ever need some help on fixing a connection issue? CPU won't overclock? Computer BIOS isn't reading your RAM? Message me or @ me on discord for you tech needs! I've been building computers since 2015! Or do you need some help figuring out your benchmarks and how to properly run them? Just know i'm your guy to help you through confusing technological issues, thanks! Minecraft not working?!? Message me the specs of your PC and I can tell you what settings you need!
  4. The new blocks look great! especially the new look for gold, andesite and dirorite. The redesign means better looking builds with those blocks, even though I tend to build underground homes.
  5. Rails with active red stone leads connected to them can cause some forms of TPS/Frame Drops. I like the "Horse Path" idea a lot, I would recommend that you do the horse trails idea first and then see the communities outreach to the build.
  6. Hi, I recently filled out my Whitelisting Application! and I was wondering what mods I could use! I currently have Optifine and a Minimap that has waypoints that come with it. Are minimaps and waypoints allowed for use? If not it won't be that hard to disable those modifications .
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