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  1. Attention gamerz: The bees are dying at an ALARMING rate. Over 2000 bees have died!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 40% of bee colonies are diminishing!!! Unfortunately there is one not-epic gamer who doesnt care: Studio528 does not care about the BEES!!!!!!!!! EPIC GAMERZ AND PRO GAMERZ, PLEASE #SAVETHEBEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCLUDED IS A BEE
  2. That's the point of the sub-hubs - you connect to them instead of the main hub, and the sub-hubs themselves are connected to the main hub. Limits number of connections to the main hub while providing a distributed and organized connection system, with the side benefit of being able to theme the sub-hubs to the local player bases that are connected to them. This concept isn't all that new - it's actually used commonly in communications networks and networking infrastructure. Software implementations include standards such as IRC. The reason this method is used is because it plain just works better. Distributed load across multiple systems is a good solution to problems such as this, and has the nice benefit of allowing a lot more player customizability in minecraft just because there is less physical space needed and used. If you want to make the system even more cohesive and reusable/sustainable you can chain the sub-hubs together in a loop and avoid a central nether hub all together, which allows for even more benefits and a immersive network to be explored by players. The reason for doing this is simple: Prevention of cluttering and unusability of nether space and hub space, while providing an opportunity to act as a blank canvas for players to demonstrate their creative side. Of course it would be a large undertaking to convert a preexisting system and the unfortunate situation is that most players do not tend to clump their base locations often, so there may be a few sub-hubs required, but if players are able to cohesively and properly add their own sub-hubs to the sub-hub loop then the system is infinitely expandable while maintaining effectiveness. Of course the preferred method of sub-hub connection would be rail systems powered by rail pressure plates as to prevent lag. This also allows for the opportunity to allow the players that are interested (most certainly myself) to build a train network.
  3. Have you considered sub-hubs? Kind of like a distributed hub system, localized to clusters of player bases?
  4. Will this auction be rescheduled since it is impossible to make it due to the world circumstances?
  5. Simple solution: Nether rails. Makes the difficulty of finishing it much less, and people are far less likely to be building anything that matters to them in the nether. I actually plan on doing this, making a hub at my nether portal location when I begin working on my base. I'll connect it to each willing participants base, as well as directly to a (I am assuming this exists) main nether portal near spawn. This will not only be beneficial for my new location, but hopefully prosperous for your communities as well.
  6. HELLO WORLD! I am hereby assuming direct control of the tavern, and in doing so I am liberating the musics!
  7. Hi all, this is my favorite picture It is a very good picture. I hope you all can appreciate it.
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