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  1. Do you guys prefer 1.8 or 1.15.1 combat mechanics? Personally I like 1.8 better since its just easier for me.
  2. Anyone WEEBS out here? I need another show to watch that's good. What's your favorite?
  3. Anyone know if redstone was really affected in 15.1 other then honey? I have some really good builds but want to know if they work or not from 1.14
  4. Any Lithuanians here? I'm always looking to improve my language and any Lithuanian speakers would help me be more fluent in Lithuanian
  5. Just wondering what times people are on. I'm currently in pst time and my other servers are west side.
  6. Im looking to base and build with others. Any towns willing to accept me if I become a citizen?
  7. Litematica is a mod for blueprints and such,( No auto build ). I use it for when building something in creative I can transfer and build the thing in SMP. Its allowed in my other whitelisted servers
  8. Mines modern, really like a white style with sea lanterns.
  9. LtSnorlax

    Favorite songs

    I really like ∴flower『Shama』
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