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  1. I know this is kind-of a lame topic, but I've always wondered what kind of food people like. My favorites usually deal with noodles (pasta, udon, stir fry, etc.) So, what are your guys favorite foods?
  2. My hometown had this summer festival. Basically the idea was that everyone got together and had food, fun and entertainment there and it was fun. Wasn't too big though...
  3. I just want to have fun. Hopefully I have enough time to create something cool, but there is this thing called life...
  4. I like Boku no Hero Academia, Naruto, Jojo, Dragonball, Yu-gi-oh? SAO, Demon Slayer, and Dr. Stone. I also liked the Cells at work, that was a cool concept. Im also getting into One Punch
  5. I tend to like video game music the most. I tend to like older music as well, anything from 2010+ is I find annoying, with a few acceptions.
  6. I love to build, period. It is my favorite thing to do in Minecraft. I tend to jump between different styles, but I keep adding on to the build as I build it, so it is sometimes hard to finish due to how much there is... I don't know why, but building in this game brings such a sense of calmness and accomplishment you don't really get anywhere else.
  7. What if someone wrote the entire Wheel of Time series in the library? It would probably crash the server. Whoops... XD
  8. I personally don't mind which version it is, since each and every version has its own quirks to them. It also adds to the fun of exploring and learning what you can do in the vast game of Minecraft.
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