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  1. I nominate Warwolf595 because my actual Baron choice is guaranteed a nominee spot and they've earned it after all of their hard work.
  2. An Everneth Christmas 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all throughout spawn Not a creature was stirring, not even Facemawn; The empty boxes were placed by the tree with care, In hopes that Secret Santa soon would be there; The players were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of quests and scavenger hunts danced in their heads; It's that time of year, folks! The snow is falling, the tree is decorated, and everything is merry and bright! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!! This year, the Ministry of the Interior has prepared an entire island of Christmas cheer for you to enjoy! It is just outside of the shopping district at about x=300 y=60 z=0. As most of you are probably aware, we are continuing the tradition of Secret Santa! Unfortunately sign-ups are closed, but to those of you who are participating, be sure to get your gift under the tree (358 65 -4) by midnight, Christmas Eve!!! We wouldn't want to leave anyone without a present on Christmas! Even if you weren't able to sign-up for Secret Santa, Interior has hidden a few Presents around the island! These presents are hidden, but do not require blocks to be broken to retrieve them. Please only take one hidden present per person. (Try to save these for those not in Secret Santa for a few days 👀) Furthermore, you can also find Santa's elves going about their daily lives. For some of them though, the Winter Wonderland isn't looking all too wonderful. Check out some of the Gingerbread Houses for Quests to help bring back Christmas cheer into these elves! Finally, there is also Santa's Workshop (460 80 -53) for those intrepid enough to test their brains in a series of puzzles that get harder as you go! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!
  3. Spooky Build Competition As part of Interior's Everneth Spooktacular, we are hosting a Halloween themed Build Competition! I'm sure it needs no introduction by this point so without further adieu, the theme for this one is: Spooky Graves What does this mean? The objective is to make the best grave, tombstone, or mausoleum in a 10x10 area. There is no limit on Y levels, so have fun making all you can in the small X/Z space! Everyone is encouraged to join and to "sign up", just place a sign with your name on it on one of the pre-made plots on the Halloween Island located at the WIP graveyard: 280/1040 [X/Z]. The judges of this competition will be chosen from members of the Interior and we will be utilizing an edited version of past judging rubrics; TLDR Biggest average score from judging wins. The winner(s) will recieve a Custom Trophy Item along with a basket of "candy". Graves must be spoopy and abide by the Charter (don't kill/grief anyone). This competition is live from Friday October 12th through Sunday October 28th; 10/12-10/28. Judges Rubric: Exterior- 2 Points 2 = Aesthetically pleasing exterior that begs people to explore the build; Grave distinguishes itself as a "grave" rather than pretty landscaping 0 = Do I have to go look at it? Don't worry you're pretty on the inside and that's what counts! ❤️ Interior- 2 Points 2 = Aesthetically pleasing interior that is very clearly a place where something was buried; Grave's interior sets its own theme/ tells a story 0 = Does it even have an interior? Don't worry you're pretty on the outside and that's what counts! ❤️ Judge's Opinion- 1 Point 1 = Like! 0 = Dislike!
  4. *Two Months before the attack on Kuiken* Momo: It's finally complete! The central halls of Hero's Village are now ready for its first heroes Wulfric: What are you going to do about the attack on Kuiken? Momo: I am a man of honor. Me and Noah will fight with our all in the coming battle. Wulfric: Why not just throw the fight? Momo: A hero never backs down from a fight. *On the Journey to Valland* Wulfric: I told you you'd lose. Momo: Well we would've won if *someone* knew how to shoot. Noah: I SAID IM SORRY OKAY. Momo: Shut up and drink your Diet Coke Pande: We're here Wulfric: Momo fire your cannons or something. We need to get their attention. Noah: I got this. *moans incessantly* - Vallandians gather around the Fountain - Wulfric: People of Valland, gather round. I bring an important announcement for all Heroes of Valland. Too long have royalty oppressed your people. The recent war has proven it more than anything else, with many heroes falling needlessly for the affairs of your King, who does not even bother to talk to you to see what you would want. You all are being ignored and killed all for the petty affairs of one man who would gladly let you all die, just to line his own pockets. Too long has this gone on. Fear not, for there is salvation at hand. Hero's Village will gladly shelter and protect any heroes of Valland who wish to live freely and for their own reasons, not for the affairs of a man who cares not for you. Join me, Heroes of Valland, and come with me to a new home! King Jay: Wait! I must make a defense, of course~ Momo: I will follow you to Hero's Village! Noah: *drinks Pepsi* Wulfric: I care not for your words, you selfish king. Maybe you should talk to your own people for once to try and salvage what little you can of your abused and hurt kingdom. Momo: My men are tired of starving in this forsaken kingdom King Jay! We deserve a better life! King Jay: What have I done to damage our people? Pande: What have you done to care for them? King Jay: Quite simply everything I have done was for the benefit of my people or for my profit without damage to my people. I am not an abusive King! Momo: A King's kindness does not cover the face of their ineptitude. What profit is to be had in a battle with no righteous cause! King Jay: Wulfric! You have walked into our city to steal for yourself! You are no hero, you are a bandit! - Wulfric spins around and begins the trek to Hero's Village with Momo, Noah, Beolyx, and Keshi in tow - Keshi: I'm sorry Jay. I can't stay in a land that threatens to hurt my Deer Kordon with each battle it fights...
  5. "If it ain't broke don't fix it" The forums are just a universal meeting place and everything serious or majorly fun happens here. Discord is for smaller, quick discussions most of the time. Your idea is nice, but Discord isn't as accessible to many like the internet + Google are.
  6. The King's Chambers rattled as the sound of cannon fire was heard towards the ocean. King Jay Porter XX had always been a light sleeper jumped out of his bed and ran out of the royal bedchambers. "GUARDS! Are we under attack? Keshi! Where are you?! Keshi give me a status report!" Only then did King Jay realize that he night before he had sent Keshi out to investigate some odd occurences in the nearby woods. King Jay hurriedly put on his armor and stepped outside. A large crowd of his people gathered around the docks and a large galleon was sitting calmly on the pier. The gangplank had been lowered and in front of it, holding a large white flag, was a person sitting smug and yelling: "King Jay of Valland! I come in peace and bear goodwill!" The crowd parted a path for Jay and he calmly approached the stranger acting as kingly as he could. "I am Jay Porter XX, King of Valland. Stranger I ask you state your name and business. I know not from where you come but here in Valland, firing your cannons is a rude way to wake anyone." "My apologies King Jay. Let me introduce myself. My name is Momo. I cannot say the name of my birthplace but if they say home is where the heart is, I come from the city of Anduril. I believe it is Northwest of Valland by several leagues. I have no title worthy of gracing your presence, but I come to offer my allegiance in exchange for resources to aid in my quest. "And what might that quest be?" "Have you heard the legends about Etherium?" "No. What might make this 'Etherium' you speak of, so legendary in the first place?" "None can say for sure as it has never been discovered. In an ancient ruin buried deep in the sea, there lay a legend of a substance capable of making the impossible possible. At the very least, the civilization of those ancient ruins lined everything from their homes to the road with gold. They accredited it all to the power of Etherium. Anduril, my current home, has spent the last decade scouring those ruins in hopes of more clues. From what we've recently unearthed, we believe that another clue to Etherium may be found somewhere North of Valland." "Interesting. I'd like to investigate this material myself. But as matters stand, all you've given me is a mere sailor's tale of treasure and adventure. I will need a more...substantial reason to join forces." "But of course." Momo led Jay onto his ship and led him to the captain's quarters. He found it odd that such a large ship's crew was so quiet. "Where is your crew? They are awfully quiet." "What crew?" "You mean you sailed such a large galleon to Valland all by yours-.." "Ah here it is!" Momo held a large gold brick that shined a lustrous gold. He gestured for Jay to hold out his hands and Jay obliged. Momo dropped the brick into Jay's hands and Jay struggled to keep his balance because of the unexpected weight of the gold. Jay stared dumbfounded at both the brick and Momo. "There's more where that came from. You're free to have it all if you agree to admit Anduril as a Vassal of your Kingdom. I also see your lack of a navy. Make me Admiral and a big pointy hat and I'll train your men to become the fiercest and richest traders on the sea." "This is all too sudden. I still have my suspicions. Your arrival and proposal seems too perfect for this to be a genuine request for alliance." "They say trust is earned, not bought. Give me time and let me earn that trust King Jay of Valland." Momo held out his hand to Jay. King Jay, having analyzed the costs and benefits of an alliance, set the gold brick aside and eagerly shook Momo's hand with a big smile on his face.
  7. The Lore of the Great Empire of Solis The Empire of Solis can be divided into 3 different eras of time, each expanding about 500 years in time. The Vetus Era (1200 B.G.A - 738 B.G.A) Around 1200 B.G.A. (Before Golden Age), the great continent of Lutum was first encountered by sailors from the mysterious Western Lands. These nomadic peoples called themselves the Kolas. They quickly migrated from the snowy shores of Nix, through the isthmus of Faux, and through the great mountains of Collis until they finally arrived in the plains of Herba. Here, the first great cities arose. The Kolas called their newly formed city-state “Moenia.” After about 100 years of peace and prosperity, the people of Moenia first encountered the natives of Lutum. The Moenians called these people the Exters. In a series of events named the Sus War, fierce fighting took place between these two civilizations. The Sus War lasted from about 1043 - 983 B.G.A. The King of the Moenians, Voien the Great, drove back the Moenians deep into the jungles of the Estrous Plateau. In the final battle of the Sus War, Voien led the mighty armies of the Moenians through the jungle where they ambushed a retreating Exters army. It was here where the native people finally surrendered. They swore loyalty and their service to Voien the Great and called him “Yuishmar,” Exterian for “god.” Under the rule of Voien, Moenia flourished and expanded from the Inelix Mesa to the Estrous Plateau. The Moenians cities grew ever more impressive. In 965 B.G.A, at the age of 46, Voien died of natural causes. His successor was his son Voien II. Voien II was a harsher ruler than his father. He enslaved the Exters and punished them for simply looking different and acting different than the Moenians. This caused an uproar from the citizens of Moenia who learned to accept the Exters. Riots broke out all around the country. Eventually, it was a full on revolution against Voien II. Today, this event is referred to as the Trux Revolution. It lasted from 959 B.G.A to 938 B.G.A. After years of fighting, the revolution had surrounded the capital city of Boiden. Here, Voien II hid like a coward as the revolution brought the walls down. They sacked the city and had Voien II executed in front of a large crowd. Sadly, this revolution did not end with a united, happy Moenia. Instead, it was more divided than ever. Because they could not decide a proper successor to Voien II, the country of Moenia split into three: New Moenia in the plains of Herba, Kalsh in the snowy lands of Nix, and Purid on the isthmus of Faux. The split of the empire of Moenia marks the end of the Vetus Era. The Bartus Era (738 B.G.A - 203 B.G.A) After the great split of Moenia, the three empires of Lutum entered a great time of peace that lasted 300 years. This time would later be called the Great Peace Age (great name am I right?) However, a great split of power between the empires was becoming very noticeable. Purid became a great center of trade and of military power. It was considered the most powerful of the three empires of Lutum. Purid’s navy was very impressive and still remains today the largest navy that the world had ever seen. In the snowy lands of Nix, Kalsh also could be considered a great power. The founders of Kalsh were very lucky with the location they chose, for it was right over a major gold mine. While Purid had strong trade and military, Kalsh was much wealthier than the other two kingdoms. With its isolated location, it was not an easy target for raids and barbarians. Lastly, the empire of New Moenia. New Moenia had suffered many attacks from barbarians and was quickly declining. Although New Moenia was the powerhouse of farming and agriculture, it was in no shape to go into a war, but its new leader had other plans. Rolph the Wicked was tired of being ostracized by the other two great empires. Rolph made a secret alliance with the Exters. In the year 698 B.G.A, Rolph launched an ambitious attack on Kalsh. This began the Malus Campaign. With the effect of surprise on their side, the kingdom of Kalsh, despite its riches quickly fell three years after the invasion. Although Rolph and the Exters had lost lots of men, they quickly set their eyes upon the isthmus of Faux. The king of Purid, Len IV, had heard of the downfall of Kalsh and quickly began preparing defenses for the now powerful army of New Moania. Rolph knew that Purid would win any battle he threw at them, so using his clever military tactics, he devised a plan to attack from the north of Purid. The journey took two years, but Rolph’s brilliant strategy of surprise worked again. City after city, the army of New Moania burned and sacked. Finally, after the destruction of Hartgard, New Moania was halted at the isthmus of Faux. Rolph knew he had to break through the newly formed defenses fast if he was ever to reach the capital city of Hartgard. From experience, Len anticipated this and met Rolph’s attack at the town of Ravenscar. Here the bloodiest battle of the Malus Campaign took place. Len’s forces were successful and Rolph and ½ his army were slain. New Moenia retreated back to Kalsh. Like a dragon flying over the sea, Purid regained all of its lost land and eventually destroyed the New Moania Empire. 649 B.G.A marked the end of the Malus Campaign. Because of all the land he had conquered, Pruid split the empire in two: The Eastern and Western Purid Empires. The Eastern Empire included the lands of Kalsh and half of the isthmus of Faux. Ravenscar became the capital of the Eastern Empire. The Western Empire included half of the isthmus of Faux, all the lands of New Moania, and the Augustus Mountain Range in the North. Solis, a small fishing town which was situated on the coast of the Augustus Mountain Range, became the capital city. Solis grew in power and became just as impressive as Hartgard. Len IV became ruler of the Eastern Empire while his cousin, Barius became the ruler of the Western Empire. After Len’s death in 638 B.G.A., the two empires entered the Second Great Peace Age. This lasted until 203 B.G.A., the end of the Bartus Empire. The Mustus Era (203 B.G.A. - 365 A.G.A.) Even though the Second Great Peace Age seemed like it would last forever, it did come to its timely end in 203 B.G.A. While the two empires did nothing but grow and conquer more and more land, they did not go to war with each other. In fact, relations could not have been better between the two. Len’s plan had worked out great. However, a growing threat was arising in South Lutum. A foreign empire had invaded Southern Lutum. As their arid empire slowly grew up towards the two Empires of Purid. The king of the Western Empire, Barius, dubbed the new threat the Moramini. In 43 B.G.A., the Magna-Bellum War began when the Moramini crossed the Icy Channel into the Southern Western Empire of Purid. They moved swiftly just as Rolph had all those years ago. Battle after battle this foreign threat continued to win. Eventually the entire region of Nix had fallen to the Moramini. Just as the first reinforcements from the Eastern Empire had arrived in Ravenscar, another threat appeared in Eastern Lutum. The Exters had come back to seek back their lands that had been stolen from them. Their leader, Xiumot, was actually believed to have been descended from Voien II. The Exters quickly won battle after battle just as the Moramini had. With battles on both fronts, the empires were desperate but still had hope. Sadly, their hope was quickly diminished when the Mormomini reached the isthmus of Faux and the Exters reached the edge Augustus Mountain Range. Ravenscar fell and the empires fled to Solis where they attempted to make a final stand. Luckily for the empires, Xiumot had not heard of the attacking Moramini. Angered he would have had beaten the great empires of Purid alone, Xiumot split his army in two. One half would attack Solis and another met the Moramini in battle. In the Second Battle of Ravenscar, the Exters stood victorious. The Moramini would retreat back to their homeland, never to return again. However, the second half of the Exter army was defeated at the Battle of Solis. Now with new found strength, the empires of Purid attacked the Exters invaders in the Third Battle of Ravenscar. Xiumot’s forces retreated back to their homeland. The empires of Purid were in ruin after the horrific Magna-Bellum War finally ended in 1 B.G.A. The empires transitioned into a new, unified empire. This empire would be called the Solis Empire. A new king took the throne, Barius III. This officially began the Golden Age of Solis, the kingdom of the sun. This age lasted for about 350 years, until yet again another group threatened the sanctity of Lutum. A fierce, violent invader swept over Solis and set up their new capital at the once great city of Hartgard. He set up an empire that he hoped would last centuries. They named their capital city Kingstone. How the newly appointed emperor Yogi would deal with this was up to him. Thus began the Durum Conflict and the end of the Golden Age of Solis and the end of The Mustrus Era. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 500 years before the beginning of the Vetus Era, the first founders of Solis came into Lutum. They were the Nani (Latin for dwarves). Believed to have been born from the sun itself, they arrived off the shore of the Augustus Mountain Range. The Nani quickly began to make their home inside the of the mountains. They named their newly found city Solis. They named it after the sun, their mother. Solis was a vast network of tunnels and rooms, most of which have still yet to be discovered. The first great king of Solis, Belkon I, came into contact with the Exters. Just like the humans would do centuries later, Belkon saw these native people as a threat and vowed to rid the lands of them. In a series of events dubbed the Great Conquest, Belkon conquered all known lands North of the Augustus Mountain Range. He set up the foundations of what would become the Solis Kingdom. At the height of theirkingdom, the Nani controlled all of Locus Magnum. Not only had they controlled all of Northern Lutum, but they had unimaginable riches. Belkon setup the best empire Lutum would ever see. Then, the beginning of the Vetus Era began. The Nani were very hesitant with interacting with the Moenians and remained hidden. In fact, the Nanis are not once mentioned in any ancient texts of the Moenians. Only after the Sus War, did the Nanis reveal themselves to the Moenians. They became powerful allies. The Nani traded their jewelry and riches for the Moenians exotic herbs and spices. When Moenia split into three, the Nanis once more went into hiding, fearful of the Moenians’ wars.There they hid in their caves for many more decades until, while mining for gold, a Purid civilian discovered one of the caves of the Nani. Fearful that they were a powerful enemy, the emperor of the Purid Empire, Suiot II, flushed out the Nani with water. He drowned their ancient civilization and slaughtered the Nani. Today, it is still unknown whether the Nani are still living deep below Solis. With the newly gained land, Suiot II set up the town of Solis. Unlike the dwarves, the Purids built their new town above ground. Solis was a measly fishing village until, due to famine and plague, Len IV moved the capital of the Eastern Purid Empire to Solis. Quickly, this small fishing village grew into a massive city and became an impressive trade center. Solis grew and grew until finally in 42 B.G.A., the Exters threatened the Eastern Purid Empire from the East. With Solis and the army of the Moramini between him and conquering all of Lutum, Xiumot decided to split his army in two and attacked on two front: one with the Moramini and one with Solis. It was a hard-foughtbattle with most of the great city of Solis burning to the ground. After months of fighting, however, what was left of the Purid empires pushed back the Exters and Xiumot’s army was destroyed. In the years of rebuilding to come, Solis once again became a powerful and rich city. The two empires of Purid reunited to form what would become the Solis Empire. It stretched over all of Lutum and had no competition for years. In 348 A.G.A, a new Imperator was sworn in: Imperator Yogi. He further improved relations with the people in his Empire. He maintained the peace for 20 more years until finally, a new empire threatened the sanctity of Lutum. Kingstone.
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Years of prosperity passed under the rule of King Face. After the successful alliance with Illia, he wished to explore the world anew and discover what other wonders it held. He called forth a series of expeditions to found even more new colonies in new lands. Four of these expeditions proved to be quite fruitful and new territories loyal to the King were formed. These territories came with their own set of politics as well as guidelines for progression. They became known as the Territories of Kanada, Heuvel, Garmany, and Xana. Each was headed by their own respectable Count and aristocracy of Dukes. A long history of trade between these territories began and each mutually benefitted from each other. There were some disputes that led to various small Wars, but those were quickly resolved with guidance from the King. An aristocrat from Xana, fed up with the synergy and teamwork required between the territories, decided to take matters into his own hands. He wished to make Xana and her respective allies, the only true territory and wanted its power to rival that of King Face himself. Moab, the scourge of the territories pushed his regime onto the unwilling people of Xana. Few know how, but Moab acquired god-like powers seemingly overnight, and rumors state he made a deal with the devil himself to help him create a large empire. The other territories along with King Face were not about to sit quietly and let the tyrant do as he pleased. In a swiftly organized meeting, the territories of Kanada, Heuvel, and Garmany formed a coalition, to stop Xana. The County of Tengyre, with Earth as the count spearheading the effort, quashed the tyranny of Moab and he was banished to the Farlands for his crimes. Unrelated to the territorial dispute, a great fire erupted in the Evernethian Library killing several scribes and burning several of the historical texts over the recent era. Little has been recorded since that point about Tengyre or King Face, but it is assumed the Kingdom persevered through the ages. Although, others claim the realm faced political troubles causing the aristocracy to crumble as well as large scale immigration, these are simply rumors without any real historical foundation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two centuries have passed. There has been little communication between VanRevo and Everneth. The sea journey between either was riddled with rough seas prone to monster attacks and hailstorms that sent blocks of salt hurtling into the hull of any ship that dared traverse it. Connor's realm stayed strong but rumors of its financial collapse were on the rise. Everneth meanwhile was able to keep itself prospering via Sage Faceman's leadership. The Island which they founded hosted a bustling community where elves, dwarves, and humans coexisted. The Wise Sage along with the Brave Plebs have been immortalized in legend and their tales are now often told as bedtime stories to the realm's youth. Wise Sage Faceman's Great Grandson, Face, was crowned king and successor to the Evernethian throne. At this time, the oceans had still remained vastly unexplored. King Face, wishing to explore the unknown and spread goodwill, organized two large scale expeditions. Two ships were prepared, the Kolas and the Français. Dwarves mained the expedition on the Kolas and aimed to sail East for new land rich with richer ores. The Français was captained by the young aristocrat DPP and he sailed West to find a rumored "New World" where sailors claimed to have seen an entire frozen landmass. King Face sent both ships off and gave them his blessing in whatever their adventures had to offer. One year after setting sail, a flag from the Kolas was found floating adrift on Everneth's beaches. The Français fared better than its counterpart. After five years of sailing, DPP had no luck in finding the "New World". However, he did find a forested island bountiful in food and resources. DPP built a small fort there and sent a messenger to King Face. In response, Face gave him full authority on his newly discovered land and instructed DPP to build a nation that upheld the values of Everneth. The cities Norkeep, New Ghat, and New Romancia were built and with the latter at the head, they formed the ISU. His drive for adventure unfettered, DPP found a frozen wasteland to the South-West a decade after the ISU's founding. Scouting boats were sent to investigate the icy beaches but none managed to return. A short time after, trade ships also began disappearing whenever they ventured too far South. Curious about the disappearances, Emperor DPP assembled a coalition of his best generals and sailed to see the wasteland for themselves. The moment they exited their boats, the Romancians were greeted by Sybil, King-apparent of the Kingdom of Illia. Distraught about the missing ships, DPP petitioned to have a private meeting with the King of Illia. Sybil led them to his castle and sat down with the Emperor in his private meeting hall. The talks were going well until General Zevi of Norkeep burst into the hall holding Queen Chiptzel by knifepoint claiming her and some of the royal maids had tried to seduce him. King Sybil, dubious of the blasphemous claims, promptly ordered the Romancians home. He said they would agree to a pact of neutrality but further talks were not necessary or welcome. Two months later, King Sybil and Queen Chiptzel were sailing the Illian waters on their anniversary honeymoon. An armored Ghat ship was seen sailing and the Illians approached it. The galleon's purpose was solely for a training exercise but to the Illians it did not appear that way. To make matter's worse, General Zevi was found captaining the ship. Sybil demanded he be handed over to avenge Chiptzel's pride and promised wealth and status to whoever did so. Admiral FearlessPie, under the guise of attempting to broker peace, boarded the Illian ship and swore allegiance to Sybil. The gangplank between both ships exploded and the first battle between Romancia and Illia ensued. The battle was fought, long and hard, but ultimately Illia was found the victor. No lives were lost as the Romancians managed to escape but Zevi was taken prisoner. A week later, Emperor DPP assembled a meeting between the leaders of the ISU. During so, he was informed of an Illian envoy that had docked at the pier. The envoy was guided into the Romancian throne room and the leader introduced herself as Lady Kass, cousin to King Sybil. She was sent with documents regarding a possible peace between the two nations. All the leaders unanimously agreed the "peace treaty" had exorbitant demands that sought to exploit the ISU. Quickly they drafted and signed a formal Declaration of War. Upon reading it, Lady Kass burst into a condescending laughter. Enraged by disrespect, Lord JPorter brandished his royal rapier and plunged it deep into the fair Lady Kass's hand severing her pinkie finger. Emperor DPP sailed for Illia once more and met with Sybil. Kass was presented in a cage malnourished, beaten and bruised. DPP elaborately explained the envoy's wish for a meeting. Holding back his rage, Sybil put on a diplomatic facade and extended a handshake to the Emperor. DPP swiftly materialized a knife from his robes and sliced off Sybil's left thumb. Bleeding and enraged, Sybil declared war and demanded all ISU members be killed on sight. DPP bolted to the boat with his men and were miraculously unscathed. Seven years of naval conflict ensued. Neither nation was able to make any substantial offensive foothold. The defensive fronts by Illia showed them superior in the icy landscape while Romancia kept its borders intact through overpowering numbers. A network of spies stretched between both nations but that too proved fruitless. Devasted by the effect the Ilian-Romancian War was taking on the people, Knight Tex defected from joining either faction and founded the Dragonhearted. Members served as a neutral third party of noble knights who followed tenets of chivalry and defended the weak. Their influence grew and the Dragonhearted became a third-party that oversaw the war to ensure neither side would mindlessly kill civilians. On the seventh year, Illia and Romancia decided to meet at the Dragonhearted headquarters for the fist diplomatic meeting since the war's inception. There they agreed to end the war in the span of a week. Both Kings were to meet in a secret valley and fight a duel. If Romancia won, then Ilia would have to return General Zevi as well as offer young Princess Sybtzel as a bride for the Emperor. If Ilia won, then Romancia would be stripped of their navy and be forced to pay reparations in gold for any destruction during the war. Both Kings dueled honorably and saw Romancia victorious. With the backing of the Dragonhearted, Ilia was true to their word and offered Zevi. Sybil and Chiptzel wept as their youngest Sybtzel wed the Emperor in order to broker peace. The war had taken a great toll on both sides but especially on Romancia. The spoils from Illia were not sufficient to pay off the large debt the ISU incurred. DPP proceeded to raise taxes which was met with disdain from an already struggling people. Many immigrated to the stable nation of Illia and within a decade of it's victory, Romancia fell due to the depleting population. King Face was slow to hear of the Illian-Romancian War. When he did, he immediately sent peace ambassadors to apologize for Emperor DPP's brash actions. Sybil paid it no mind and advised Face to keep past matters buried in the past. Many former Everneth citizens had found new lives in Illia so Faceman officially recognized it as an ally and member of his Realm. Sybil approved of the mutual pact and the South-Western Ocean has remained peaceful since that day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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