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  1. FearlessPie121

    Merry Christmas Everneth

    An Everneth Christmas 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all throughout spawn Not a creature was stirring, not even Facemawn; The empty boxes were placed by the tree with care, In hopes that Secret Santa soon would be there; The players were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of quests and scavenger hunts danced in their heads; It's that time of year, folks! The snow is falling, the tree is decorated, and everything is merry and bright! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!! This year, the Ministry of the Interior has prepared an entire island of Christmas cheer for you to enjoy! It is just outside of the shopping district at about x=300 y=60 z=0. As most of you are probably aware, we are continuing the tradition of Secret Santa! Unfortunately sign-ups are closed, but to those of you who are participating, be sure to get your gift under the tree (358 65 -4) by midnight, Christmas Eve!!! We wouldn't want to leave anyone without a present on Christmas! Even if you weren't able to sign-up for Secret Santa, Interior has hidden a few Presents around the island! These presents are hidden, but do not require blocks to be broken to retrieve them. Please only take one hidden present per person. (Try to save these for those not in Secret Santa for a few days 👀) Furthermore, you can also find Santa's elves going about their daily lives. For some of them though, the Winter Wonderland isn't looking all too wonderful. Check out some of the Gingerbread Houses for Quests to help bring back Christmas cheer into these elves! Finally, there is also Santa's Workshop (460 80 -53) for those intrepid enough to test their brains in a series of puzzles that get harder as you go! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!
  2. FearlessPie121

    Everneth's Tenth Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I nominate Kordong
  3. FearlessPie121

    Everneth Spooktacular Build Comp

    Spooky Build Competition As part of Interior's Everneth Spooktacular, we are hosting a Halloween themed Build Competition! I'm sure it needs no introduction by this point so without further adieu, the theme for this one is: Spooky Graves What does this mean? The objective is to make the best grave, tombstone, or mausoleum in a 10x10 area. There is no limit on Y levels, so have fun making all you can in the small X/Z space! Everyone is encouraged to join and to "sign up", just place a sign with your name on it on one of the pre-made plots on the Halloween Island located at the WIP graveyard: 280/1040 [X/Z]. The judges of this competition will be chosen from members of the Interior and we will be utilizing an edited version of past judging rubrics; TLDR Biggest average score from judging wins. The winner(s) will recieve a Custom Trophy Item along with a basket of "candy". Graves must be spoopy and abide by the Charter (don't kill/grief anyone). This competition is live from Friday October 12th through Sunday October 28th; 10/12-10/28. Judges Rubric: Exterior- 2 Points 2 = Aesthetically pleasing exterior that begs people to explore the build; Grave distinguishes itself as a "grave" rather than pretty landscaping 0 = Do I have to go look at it? Don't worry you're pretty on the inside and that's what counts! ❤️ Interior- 2 Points 2 = Aesthetically pleasing interior that is very clearly a place where something was buried; Grave's interior sets its own theme/ tells a story 0 = Does it even have an interior? Don't worry you're pretty on the outside and that's what counts! ❤️ Judge's Opinion- 1 Point 1 = Like! 0 = Dislike!
  4. FearlessPie121

    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    I'll be selling fireworks!
  5. FearlessPie121

    1000 Posts Game

    61 has nothing interesting on the internet
  6. FearlessPie121

    Righteous Treason

    *Two Months before the attack on Kuiken* Momo: It's finally complete! The central halls of Hero's Village are now ready for its first heroes Wulfric: What are you going to do about the attack on Kuiken? Momo: I am a man of honor. Me and Noah will fight with our all in the coming battle. Wulfric: Why not just throw the fight? Momo: A hero never backs down from a fight. *On the Journey to Valland* Wulfric: I told you you'd lose. Momo: Well we would've won if *someone* knew how to shoot. Noah: I SAID IM SORRY OKAY. Momo: Shut up and drink your Diet Coke Pande: We're here Wulfric: Momo fire your cannons or something. We need to get their attention. Noah: I got this. *moans incessantly* - Vallandians gather around the Fountain - Wulfric: People of Valland, gather round. I bring an important announcement for all Heroes of Valland. Too long have royalty oppressed your people. The recent war has proven it more than anything else, with many heroes falling needlessly for the affairs of your King, who does not even bother to talk to you to see what you would want. You all are being ignored and killed all for the petty affairs of one man who would gladly let you all die, just to line his own pockets. Too long has this gone on. Fear not, for there is salvation at hand. Hero's Village will gladly shelter and protect any heroes of Valland who wish to live freely and for their own reasons, not for the affairs of a man who cares not for you. Join me, Heroes of Valland, and come with me to a new home! King Jay: Wait! I must make a defense, of course~ Momo: I will follow you to Hero's Village! Noah: *drinks Pepsi* Wulfric: I care not for your words, you selfish king. Maybe you should talk to your own people for once to try and salvage what little you can of your abused and hurt kingdom. Momo: My men are tired of starving in this forsaken kingdom King Jay! We deserve a better life! King Jay: What have I done to damage our people? Pande: What have you done to care for them? King Jay: Quite simply everything I have done was for the benefit of my people or for my profit without damage to my people. I am not an abusive King! Momo: A King's kindness does not cover the face of their ineptitude. What profit is to be had in a battle with no righteous cause! King Jay: Wulfric! You have walked into our city to steal for yourself! You are no hero, you are a bandit! - Wulfric spins around and begins the trek to Hero's Village with Momo, Noah, Beolyx, and Keshi in tow - Keshi: I'm sorry Jay. I can't stay in a land that threatens to hurt my Deer Kordon with each battle it fights...
  7. FearlessPie121

    Everneth's Ninth Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    Ding dong I'm going Kordong
  8. FearlessPie121

    Coral Reefs

    Spawn has a lot but we don't want those destroyed. There's a lot in the wild just look for warm oceans.
  9. FearlessPie121

    1000 Posts Game

    54 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120577/
  10. FearlessPie121

    Season 5 Roleplay Signups/ Faction Index

    War might. Valland certainly is. Mercs are too
  11. FearlessPie121

    1000 Posts Game

  12. FearlessPie121

    1000 Posts Game

    Licor 43, Discover the taste of Spain
  13. FearlessPie121

    Question vomit.

    "If it ain't broke don't fix it" The forums are just a universal meeting place and everything serious or majorly fun happens here. Discord is for smaller, quick discussions most of the time. Your idea is nice, but Discord isn't as accessible to many like the internet + Google are.
  14. FearlessPie121

    1000 Posts Game

    41, doesn't have its letters in alphabetical order