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  1. StuartSnook

    Dream Builds

    On the current map I wanted to focus more on my personal base than spawn farms like I did on our first map. My vision for my base was a large underground cavern with a large lake in the middle. I would have all the major necessities around the cavern with a few farms like a slime farm and iron farm. I ended up building this base in a stronghold, so I could travel to spawn really quickly. I would just jump into the end portal and walk 50ish blocks then BAM I am in spawn. It was really convenient, but I never actually completed the base. Here is an image of my base that was never completed. ">http:// The end portal is located at the tree in the corner I built.
  2. StuartSnook

    Ultra Hardcore Season V Signups

    This is one of the first UHC's I can probably go to. I do not think I have anything to do on the 18th. Sign me up, but there is a small chance I will not be able to make it.
  3. StuartSnook


    A sock inside a shoe under the bed? I think the answer is just a shoe. I do not see how a sock is involved in the answer. Edit: Now that I am reading it again, I see the 'My tongue hangs out, up and to the rear". I thought this was just talking about the tongue of a shoe, like the part the is loose so that you foot will fit in it, but I can see this also being interpreted as a sock sticking out the back of a shoe.
  4. StuartSnook

    TV Shows

    I really love the HBO show Silicon Valley. It is like Big Bang Theory, but actually funny. The only downside is that it takes awhile for the new seasons to release, but the show is really funny. You may have to have a basic understanding of the computer/software world to comprehend the jokes, but I think that just makes the show better. It is not the average dumb humor most comedy shows today have. The show also actually has a really good story that is not overly drawn out at all. Just as a heads up most of the comedy is not appropriate, so if you are under 13-ish and your parents are very protective maybe don't watch it. Also I hate to burst your bubble Jtm, but Alaskan Bush People has been debunked and proven that it is a show put together with actors. I think multiple pictures have been released of the Dad and Mom shopping in a grocery store somewhere that was not Alaska(California if I remember right). Also I think one of the sons owns and lives in an expensive property in Maine. The family lied about the whole stranded and living alone in the woods thing. But it is a 'reality show', and if it is entertaining to watch by all means watch it, but don't watch it because you interested in the actual survival aspect of the show, because it is actually fake (run-on sentence). Also I don't really know why I just typed all that about Alaskan Bush People.
  5. StuartSnook

    Everneth's Fourth Council Nomination

    I nominate Dauntless, because he has been with the community for quite a while now and deserves a spot on parliament. Him and Morg have put in the hours building farms for the community and is an active member on the server and discord.
  6. StuartSnook

    State of the Realm

    I think a map reset would be great. We had all these exciting plans for our current map's spawn, but for some reason none of it really happened. Currently spawn is very disorganized and chaotic. I would love to see a spawn like our first map, but I know a lot of players did not like that map's spawn. If we do reset the map I will play more. I think the inspector role is a decent idea, but there is not a huge point to it, because you still have to wait for staff to repair things. Also most of the time when you have to inspect something there is some kind of underlying problem, that in my opinion only staff should handle. I can see the inspector role creating problems that should be only handled by staff. I do not think a player should be finding out who created creeper holes and then find the person to tell them to fix it on their own initiative. This could be bad or good.
  7. StuartSnook


    Technically the 4th riddle is a bit wrong. Det is not how you spell "Without the 'i', you owe me money". The answer is spelled debt. Det is not a real word.
  8. StuartSnook

    I'm Kerfuffled

    It depends on the strength of the jar, but it would implode if the jar is not strong enough to withstand the pressure of earth's atmosphere. Space is basically a large vacuum. When you release the air from the jar, the jar will be filled with essentially nothing. -Bringing it Up- The jar will experience more force from the pressure of the air inside the jar when you first bring it out, and can explode from that force. Those forces from the pressure do not cause the jar to explode on earth, since the earth's atmosphere is applying pressure to the jar as well balancing out the forces. When the atmosphere is gone the jar is free to expand, but it can't because it is a jar and can cause it to explode. -Bringing it Back Down- When you bring it back down to earth with an "vacuum" in it, it has a chance to implode. Basically the opposite will happen. The earth's atmosphere will force the jar to become smaller, since the air that was once inside of it is not pushing back on the inside of the jar. If the jar is not strong enough it will implode. I imagine nothing will happen though, since you said the jar can withstand the pressure of not exploding. I could be wrong, but I imagine the pressure of the inside of the jar is close to the pressure on the outside of the jar on earth. So if it withstood not exploding it would withstand the implosion. Hope that clears it up for you. And I do not know why I just typed all that.
  9. StuartSnook

    Rate the avatar above

    10.31/10 Your avatar has changed my life forever. Before seeing your majestic, pixelated avatar I was a loser in school. I would be that one awkward kid that sits by himself in the corner of the lunch room playing pokemon. My only friend was Mr. Blue-Eyes White Dragon, my favorite Yugioh card. Me and Blue Eyes would share the best moments throughout the day together, which of course is always Mr. Jones, the school's principal, saying good morning to me, because that is the only humanoid that ever talks to me. I was doing my hourly lonely browse through the inter-webs and I came across your inspiring, phenomenal, marvelous, and neo-classical calamari. I just fell straight out of my DXRacer Chair, that if you are curious to buy is only an un-believable price of 239.00 USD and comes with a conventional tilt mechanism and nylon base, and onto my stone cold tile floor that I used to stare at into the night and wonder what led Matthew McConaughey to NASA in the amazing, but incredibly drawn out movie Interstellar, starring Mackenzie Fox as Murph. I was inspired by the light-blue tint of the slightly confused, but confident gaze of the squid. I instantly became lit (as the cool kids would call it, or rather me, since I am now cool). I no longer have to retell the story of Mr. Jones' "good morning" everyday to Mr. Blue Eyes, but rather I now tell stories of epic proportions to everyone that wants to be my friend, which is naturally everyone alive (and even some dead). I now have a girlfriend, that surprisingly came to me and not the normal swipe right action I normally receive. Danified, I want to thank you for my success. Without the wonders that your hand made when it graciously swayed left and right in MS Paint at the time you made the masterpiece I would be crying myself to sleep in my soft-to-the-touch,but not overly warm sleep number bed that is perfectly configured to number 65. Thank you danified. You saved my future.
  10. StuartSnook

    Secret Santa signups!

    I will sign up. Also quick question, will it be like last years where each person had a 3x3 present with a chest in the middle?
  11. StuartSnook

    Question Game

    How can you believe our eyes are real if the Illuminati choose to Donald Trump become the president? (The real answer is Jaden Smith's Twitter)
  12. StuartSnook

    Question Game

    How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?
  13. StuartSnook

    This or That?

    Fuel-efficient, mainly because I do not have a large source of income currently. This or That or Question Game? (Which one do you like better)
  14. StuartSnook

    Question Game

    How do I even answer this question with a question?
  15. StuartSnook

    This or That?

    Long haired. The only major pets I have ever had have been golden retrievers. My current dog is a English cream golden retriever (look it up if you are curious). The Oreo Filling (White Cream) or the Oreo Cookie (Chocolate Hard Thing)?