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  1. mindovermaster

    Everneth Spooktacular: Trick or Treat Sign Ups

    Mind_001 (may change in future) and RTD_Unit_001 Cords: 98 415 This our spawn home. There's really no way to prank our own base. I mean, you can, but we don't want it. You can screw up our spawn home all you want.
  2. mindovermaster

    Everneth's Ninth Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I nominate Kordon/Steel
  3. mindovermaster

    Texture Packs

    Myself, I use TrappedChest for 1.13. Looks rustic. https://resourcepack.net/trappedchest-resource-pack/ But look at resourcepack.net for other ideas.
  4. mindovermaster

    Everneth's Seventh Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    Puddles for me.
  5. mindovermaster

    My New Idea! Hogwarts, complete recreation.

    En (chloe) tried doing this in 1.9, it never took off...
  6. mindovermaster

    Are mods allowed?

    Well, no, but all it costs is a $10 donation to optifine. Since I have used it since the beginning, why not?
  7. mindovermaster

    My Fond Farewell

    To you all… I give thou a fond farewell. I joined another server, for which I liked. I have been bummed out lately, Don't worry, it wasn't any of your fault. I already am sharing a base with someone, first day. (like RTD all over again (for those who know what I’m talking about)) It is a small community, unlike this one, to my liking. I will not say its name, as advertising isn’t allowed… *looks up at _Pande_* This is rather a “see you later” rather than a “good-bye”. I will hop on every now and then, like before. See what’s up, what’s down, what’s crazy. I might even join in some games. You’ll see me around, but not every day, like before. I leave all my possessions to Int. They can do what they want with it. (except for my echest, that’s private) Keep as rewards, raffle it off, whatever. It was a good 4 months with you guys, and I’m sure I’ll miss all of you. I’ll still be on Discord, if you ever need me. In lieu, I give you a fond farewell, to the old and new! *bows* (If you have any questions, please say so. You may cry as well...)
  8. mindovermaster

    Name Idea

    Since this isn't really a build, I'll ask here. I have a vision to create a new server, will be separate from Everneth. On this server, it will be in creative mode, similar to our Test server. But it won't be a flat world, will be a normal everyday world. What I need from you is a name. I thought of FreedomCraft, CreatorCraft. Any ideas will be most appreciative!
  9. mindovermaster


    Well, "technically", yeah...
  10. mindovermaster


    Well, not everybody knows what that means. We need an "allow mods" page..
  11. mindovermaster


    I swear we had an allowed mod page. Optifine is allowed. For others, not sure.
  12. mindovermaster

    Ultra Hardcore Season VI Signups

    Poor GT...
  13. mindovermaster

    Ultra Hardcore Season VI Signups

    OK, I can make it now. So, cya there!
  14. mindovermaster

    Ultra Hardcore Season VI Signups

    I may or may not be there. I should know by Friday. However, I do not have a friend to add. I will be an extra, for anyone without a friend, otherwise, I can just spectate. I suck at PVP, as many Evoers have seen... (For a split second I thought of Connor, oh my god, NO...)
  15. mindovermaster

    Suggestion: The End

    Nor I. I do not think the mob spawn is affecting it. It's just something about the world generation. Or something... I wouldn't "mind" seeing my End farm go, it was a good idea, but then it started slowing down...