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  1. If anyone has any idea for a story in their head, or anything at all that you would like to write about and have others read it, look no further than the library! At the stairway to the library, you can find a chest full of book and quills that you can use to write down anything you'd like. All written books will be placed in the library for all to come in and enjoy. I am looking for anything from any genre (the more diversity the better!) that will help make the library a very enjoyable experience. Thank you to anyone who writes something!
  2. not my town but my state of Ohio. Ohio tends to be thought of as a conservative state but if you go into the major cities there are major events every year (like pride festivals) that contradict the majority of the state. also ohio is basically the other 49 states averaged out.
  3. Kingsglaive Application: IGN: DefendPopPunk Character Name: Ragnarok: Character Profile: http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3477-character-profile-ragnarok/ Character Description: Ragnarok is a highly proficient warrior who has been hardened and weathered through years of combat and travel. He grew up in a small village, before eventually setting out to find adventure. After an incident in his youth which nearly took his life, he took it upon himself to learn all he could about combat, and become a mighty warrior. He joined a group of vikings and through them, learned the many ways of combat he needed to survive. He rose through their ranks, before becoming their Chieftain and settling down. His settlement was founded in the lands of Kingstone, and so he joined the Kingdom as one of their vassals. Applicant Notes: I have long enjoyed roleplaying on this server, and through the character of Ragnarok, I hope to continue that as a part of Kingstone. I have developed strong combat skills, through sword, axe and bow, and have many a battle thanks to them. I love developing a settlement and lore for it through the roleplay, and taking any chance to put my combat skills to the test on the battlefield. While I am not as experience in building as some of my fellow roleplayers are, I still enjoy building up a settlement and taking the time to enjoy the builds of those beside me as well.
  4. The current Chieftain of the primary viking tribe of Everneth, currently the man by the name of Ragnarock, was born in the seven hundred and fifty-second year of their calendar, on an unknown date. Ragnarok has spent his fifty-six years in life on this world as primarily that of war and plunder. He grew up in a small village, before leaving at the age of ten to find adventure in the world beyond. He soon found out, however, that adventure is not simply something one can go after. Soon on his journey, he encountered a group of bandits whilst travelling along the northern shores. He fought bravely, but was soon shot by a bowman before falling and fainting. Assumed dead, the bandits raided all they desired from his body, before leaving him there in his own sea of blood. By chance, he was discovered by a travelling merchant, who stopped to investigate the body before discovering that Ragnarok was still alive, although barely. He took him to the nearest village and found the local doctor. He patched Ragnarok’s wounds, leaving him to spend months healing in the village. He soon left the village to seek what he originally sought out, and thanked the villagers for their hospitality. He travelled for months, in the deepest trenches of the country to the most brutal shorelines in the darkest weathers. He soon came across a village in the middle of a raid by what Ragnarok knew to be vikings. Ragnarok looked the part of a viking more than a villager, and so he found their chieftain and demanded to join. He responded with a request, “Find the most valuable item in this village and you may do so.” He searched and searched, and soon found it, a kingly crown with no identity. He brought it to the chieftain, who was greatly pleased, allowed Ragnarok to join their ranks. After this, Ragnarok spent many years travelling the shorelines, plundering the countryside for both rags and riches. He rose up the ranks to eventually become the second-in-command to the current chieftain. He knew his destiny of becoming the next chieftain, and knew that something would happen that would signify this event. However, soon a sickness came down upon his crew, lasting for the better part of a year, eventually killing almost ninety percent of them. This plague lastly struck the chieftain, who handed Ragnarok his axe. “This axe has been mine for as long as my memory has lasted. It comes from the hands of Odin himself. It has no name, for I have never seen one so fit as to be worn upon an axe this gracious. Take it, wield it as Chieftain, and bring this crew back to its former glory.” with that, he let go of the axe, and took his last breath, giving Ragnarok what he had long expected, but now that he had it, he knew not what to do at all. Ragnarok led what remained of his ship across the shorelines, but he knew that they could not last much longer. He decided that they would need to settle down, somewhere in the countryside. They travelled away from the shoreline and into the country, soon founding a village next to a river in a small plains. They built fortifications and farms within, becoming self-sufficient for their first time. However, they did not know at the time that they had settled on already claimed lands, by a power much greater then they had ever seen. Around two years passed before an envoy showed up upon the Chieftain's gates. He asked for ‘the one known as Ragnarok’. Ragnarok was awoken, and he travelled down from his grand hall to meet the envoy. “Whom are you to arrive so suddenly at my front gate?” “I am an envoy from the Kingdom of Kingstone, sent by King Icarus Forde himself. You have settled your village in his lands, and you must meet with the King immediately.” Ragnarok had never found himself in such a position before. He knew that he must meet with the King, for he had never met such a power in all of his years prior. Ragnarok mounted his horse and went with the envoy to the capital of Kingstone, seeing the most mighty walls, and people and shops abound. Atop a hill he saw the grand castle of Kingstone, where he presumed the King was. He was proved correct, as the envoy took him to the castle and into a grand hall, being told to wait there. He waited for only a few minutes, before a man in the finest clothing and a most mighty crown appeared. “I am King Icarus Forde.” The King spoke with a deep booming voice, and upon feeling his very presence, Ragnarok knew why all his men followed him with such loyalty as he had seen. Ragnarok bowed to the King, who then spoke; “I have heard word that you have created a nearby settlement on lands under the jurisdiction of Kingstone, my jurisdiction.” Ragnarok, as mighty a warrior and leader he was in his own right, was almost trembling at Icarus. “I had no sign nor insight that these lands were under the control of such a fantastical Kingdom. We saw land fit for a settlement of my people, and we took it to lay upon for generations.” Ragnarok, as unfamiliar he was with the situation, still spoke as a great warrior would. “I see. It is understandable. Still, you are in my lands, and therefore you must submit to the King of them.” Ragnarok has expected worse upon first being summoned here, but now he felt a certain safety in the castle. “That is also understandable, King. But I must know, what do you entail by submission?” The King spoke as though he was no stranger to such situations. “You and your most able-bodied men must serve in Kingstone’s military as our most loyal soldiers, and your settlement as a vassal is expected to grow and produce as all our others do. That is all.” Ragnarok was relieved. He had expected to be forced to pay some kind of tribute, but was surprised by only being required to serve in Kingstone’s military. “And of course, the Crown will protect your settlement if it comes under any attack.” The King also stated. “I am grateful for the hospitality you have shown us thus far. We will continue living under the Crown as part of your Kingdom, and you will be most pleased with our services.” Ragnarok boldly proclaimed. “I’m glad to hear it!” The King said. “However, I simply have a couple of questions before you travel back. Firstly, what is the name of your settlement?” said the King. “We have taken to it Ravenscar. One of my men was attacked by a man who held a sword named Raven. He took a heavy blow from it, and wore the scar proudly. We took it and named the settlement as a testament to our hardiness.” “I see, a fine tale and a finer name. Secondly, I see my men have allowed you to keep your axe. What is the story behind it? Every great warrior has a tale about his weapon of choice.” “It belonged to the previous chieftain of our group. Upon his deathbed, he passed it unto me. He said that the axe came down from Odin himself. The axe itself holds grants great power to the warrior who is bold enough to wield it. I hold it now as Chieftain of Ravenscar, and I proclaim myself as one of the greatest Viking warriors alive.” boomed Ragnarok. The King did not speak for almost five minutes. “I have never heard such a tale about a weapon, and even more the warrior who wields it. You truly do strike me as one of the most mighty warriors I have come across. I sense that you will hold a great place among my military, and that you will serve us well in the years to come.” “Thank you, my King. You will not be disappointed, not by me or my people!” “I expect so! You are now free to go, for that is all I require of you as of now.” With those words, Ragnarok traveled back to Ravenscar with a new view upon the world around him. He knew of himself as a mighty warrior in his own right, and now he would need to prove himself worthy to the King himself. Whatever Ragnarok may face in the future, he knew he would be prepared for it. A new life awaited him, and he anticipated every moment that would seek him.
  5. 1. IGN - DefendPopPunk, Remyyyy 2. Coords of Build --- -263, 64, 1554 3. Context Questions What is the maximum area allowed for you build? 50x50 When are all entries due by? December 30th What is your favorite Christmas song and why? Mine is All I Want For Christmas Is You, it's just so damn catchy and has some damn beautiful sounds.
  6. Yo, homies, sign me up for this Litmas, fam.
  7. I request to sign up for this wondrous event!
  8. I bid 9 stacks, or a stack of diamond blocks, or 576 diamonds.
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