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  1. hello dear ministry of games, i would love to participate in your UHC event you will be holding on the 27th of april.
  2. Sign me up baby! Gonna win er this time! (unless pande decides to be a dickhead again...)
  3. i sadly wont be able to make it, i was hoping for a chance on revenge on pande...
  4. I have some pictures from passing of the blades, they aint as nice and the other ones taken cause my pc is poop and cant do shaders. I woulda taken all high up arial shots but someone (not gonna name names...) got mad and kicked me out. Heres the link: "> Congrats to the people who moved up in the rankings, and riki for getting that other thing
  5. im in unless my parents make me study... so put me on the list!
  6. Face i think that some things should be made easier to use on the website. thats all i rly have to say.
  7. was it getting annoying to have to go through portals all the time of what?
  8. are you expecting a world download or schematica?
  9. Thx man i always walk past that wondering how it works and i just keep walking cause i dont wanna mess with it .
  10. Sign me up im almost positive ill be avalible for it
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