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  1. rolo_

    Inactive Shops

    The rules were made this way by intention. If someone manages to finish a build their ownership is protected as per the charter, and to remove shops from that umbrella will lead to exceptions somewhere down the line. As annoying as it can be to have shops from players that are no longer active, it'll lead to less issue for those who decide to return and find that all their belongings have been given away. It's more of a headache to have the alternative, in short.
  2. rolo_

    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    Redemption be upon us. Our team has two champions, versus the maximum of one that the others will have. 👺
  3. rolo_

    Valland Flakes Away

    Don't worry babe you always were. (in character post) 😪
  4. Hearsay in the halls, for the Duke of Everneth has nominated @Sybillian!!!
  5. Just a heads up - moving this to general chat. Tech Support & Questions are for just that: Tech Support and Tech-Related Questions.
  6. rolo_

    Baked potato

    Keep on walking, mister, this here town ain't big enough for the two of us. I kid, welcome back! You should still be whitelisted across all of our servers, so you're free to join anytime.
  7. Much like Pande said, in entering the proper secret word you are basically agreeing to the fact that you have read the rules, though if you haven't actually taken the very few minutes to read them the only person you're affecting long-term is you. We don't need to hide it, because those who don't read usually end up either not getting whitelisted, or a ways down the road they'll get themselves banned.
  8. My boy Warwolf595 up in hizzle.
  9. rolo_

    Mob/Head Plugin

    My issue, disregarding the fact that we've turned down this idea 3 or 4 times now in threads alone, is that ultimate it is not a community decision. It's our choice as the staff team to regulate what we find as valid and utilizable plugins. The plugins that currently exist already qualify us as a "semi-vanilla" server in the eyes of minecraft-server listings. So, any plugins we do have coinciding with spigot are purely for quality of life and serve evident purpose. While a head plugin would be nice, it might push us over the edge to qualify as a "spigot" server (thus pushing us further down in the list rankings), and it really just serves no reason of being here other than "it could be cool".
  10. rolo_

    I'm Resigning.

    Wait I thought you were already done replying? I'm just confused as to why it bothers you so much that it's in the rules if you believe it to be common sense. It's common sense that you shouldn't kill someone for no reason, yet that's still a law of pretty much every established country. If anything, I think if it's common sense, it must be outlined in the guidelines and rules.
  11. rolo_

    I'm Resigning.

    If one is to take the word of someone who played for 3 minutes, versus someone who has played for 3 years, you'd be a little bit of a dummy.
  12. rolo_

    I'm Resigning.

    Well, based on everything you've said here, it would appear you're looking for a less 'managed' server. Might I genuinely recommend http://survivalislands.enjin.com/? Practically has no rules, and should you choose to head on over I wish you the best of luck. This is anarchy, after all!
  13. rolo_

    Wheel of Fortune

    @LIL_TURBOOOOO Hey there, just a warning, what you've done here is referred to as Necro Posting, or posting on a 'dead thread'. We ask that you please not revive threads such as this one if there's a message notifying you that it's been a long time since anyone has posted on a thread (Oakstead Tavern is the exception to that rule). Thanks!
  14. rolo_

    Ultra Hardcore Season VIII Signups

    I'm afraid you'll need to officially be a Citizen before you can sign up for events like UHC!
  15. rolo_

    Mob Head Suggestion

    As cool as that would be, we've gotten a suggestion similar to this before, and we feel it's just not strictly vanilla enough to apply to our server. We try to maintain a 100% vanilla feel (disregarding plugins like Single-player sleep which is quite an exception). I'm afraid the odds are not good for this one.