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    Dream Builds

    Giant trees are very common builds, but very hard to execute. Very rewarding if you do it right though. My dream build would have to be a giant medieval town. I've always tried to start one but lacked the encouragement to take it all the way. Maybe this time, though.
  2. rolo_

    Build Buddies

    Yeah, there are plenty of people who look for someone they can tag-team with, because they're able to accomplish their goals a lot faster. You can even feel free to invite a friend if you were having no luck finding anyone who wanted to partner up.
  3. rolo_

    My Home Plan For Reset

    We've had so many people build giant trees for the houses, I've never personally seen the appeal in that much work, though. Not really my style of build (I'm more of a medieval-fantasy sort of guy), but good luck on your endeavors!
  4. rolo_

    Passing Of The Blades!

    That's why I've resorted to just keeping the posts non-public. They're even more toxic than the CoD community.
  5. rolo_

    UHC Discussion Hub

    There have been a lot of complaints that the food situation will be way too difficult, but when I was practicing the 15 bread lasted me well over an hour and I was still able to farm up quite a stock of food from zombies. Not so sure about spiders though, didn't see too many of those (suppose you'll have to utilize the nighttime for spider farming on the surface).
  6. rolo_

    Ultra Hardcore Season V Signups

    And like I said before aaron you can feel free to use the world download I provided in #bulletin-board. It has the proper world preset and the loot tables are already installed, so you just have to put the world folder into your saves. Dropbox UHC Season V Practice
  7. rolo_

    Pictures of The Passing of the Blades 2017

    very nice photos! My personal fav is this one, and not just because it shows me getting the honors of the Order. http://i.imgur.com/ABqqsbb.png' alt='URL>'>
  8. rolo_

    Ultra Hardcore Season V Signups

    Riki put his own name on there. I'm ready to ween
  9. rolo_

    Ultra Hardcore Season V

    http://i.imgur.com/NLMl8iL.png' alt='URL>'> ULTRA HARDCORE SEASON V SCORCHED - Free for All Saturday, March 18th | 1PM EST IP: games.everneth.com OVERVIEW ――――――――――― The fifth successful instance of any event is an occasion to be celebrated - and in the case of an event so prestigious as UHC, even more so. However, over these past four seasons, there has been a number of people consistently requesting one thing - that the center of the arena is something less plain. That it be something more interesting. Today, these people will have their wish granted and then some, because Everneth's fifth season of Ultra Hardcore will be played in a blazing Mesa. Each and every season of UHC has taken place in standard terrain, but this time around, that won't be the case. From one end of the world border to the other, competitors will be doing everything they can to survive in the brutal Mesa biome. But this comes with a certain advantage; Mesas are rumored to be rich with the most important resource a player can get his hands on; gold. Even with the easier access to gilding, however, the mesa is still a dangerous place - most importantly because of the lack of animals to hunt. To make the match more fair and to encourage combat rather than starvation, players will be granted 15 loaves of bread at the beginning of the match. After they run out of loaves, however, they'll be forced to hunt monsters for any food the hungry players can scrounge up. Zombies and spiders will have a very small chance of dropping edible meat, so hunting them down will be to your benefit. For those who have not had the pleasure of participating in a UHC match before, it is a PvP event in which players are spread throughout a world of naturally-generated Minecraft terrain, and natural health regeneration is turned off. The only way to regain lost health is by either eating a golden apple or drinking a Potion of Healing. The last player standing is the victor! DETAILS ――――――――――― To make sure that the match runs smoothly, players will be expected to observe the following rules: Fallen players must cut off all communication with all other competitors. There are no exceptions for any reason.Potions of Regeneration are banned. All other potions are allowed. [*]Players are safe from PvP for the first 20 minutes of the match. An automated message will be posted in the ingame chat after 20 minutes have passed. [*]Spectators and dead players are not allowed to use the ingame chat. [*]Mods are not allowed. Exceptions: Optifine, Replay Mod, BetterFPS. Optifine's zoom function is disallowed. [*]"Skybasing" - defined as building high up into the air to create an artificial chokepoint - is disallowed. [*]Branch mining is disallowed. Staircasing and digging downwards is allowed. AWARDS ――――――――――― Warriors of great stature deserve to be honored for their feats. As such, there are five forum medals that can be won in a match of UHC! Champion - Awarded to the last player standing! Ironman - Awarded to the last player to receive a point of damage - including shield health. Sanguine - Awarded to the player to slay the most opponents. Midas - Awarded to the player to acquire and eat the most Golden Apples. First Blood - Awarded to the first player to kill an opponent. CLOSING AND SIGNUPS ――――――――――― This and all future seasons of UHC will be played on games.everneth.com - the server will open 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time. The game will begin at 1:05 PM, and anyone arriving later will be automatically put into spectator mode and will not be able to participate in the match. It seems like somebody always shows up late - we can't start over for you, please don't be that someone! To sign up for this season of UHC, reply to this thread! To discuss this season of UHC, go to this thread! We'd like to thank gerrybrano for his UHC BLOX module, which is the machine that runs the match. Good luck, everyone!
  10. http://everneth.com/images/order.png' alt='URL>'> Third Passing of the Blades With the closing of the Third Term, it is the time for the ceremonial passing of the blades once again. For those unaware, the elections have ended, and Zephyr, Blade of Parliament, is to be passed to the one and only 20JPorter! Sunshine, though inactive in her final few weeks of service, did her job dutifully and respectively in the time granted here. We shall continue on these forward elective traditions in true Evernethian fashion. The Third Passing of the Blades is to be held once again at the King's Cup Arena, Saturday, March 4th at 1pm EST. As always, members of Parliament will be passing their sword to predecessors, and in the event of an absence the next available member of Parliament will be given the responsibility and honor. Hope to see you there! Glory to the Order!
  11. rolo_

    Question Game

    I think you've responded to the wrong post! The previous comment on this thread is
  12. http://everneth.com/images/par.png' alt='URL>'> Welcoming our Counterpart, VanRevo The Merger While it may seem very sudden to most, this is something that has been in the works for a little while now. It was proposed to Mind, Co-Owner of the VanRevo server, that we merge their server with ours, re-uniting the once separated communities. This idea came about in hopes of boosting overall activity and number of active players in our community, and while it was expected that it would happen in May with the coming of the new map, it appears to be happening now. So, as of today it's official that this is happening, and you should expect to see a large influx of players coming our way. What does this mean? Because of the large amount of players we will be gaining, we should expect to see the re-expansion of par come time for the 5th Term in June. This is mainly to avoid having to reboot the current election process and to keep on track of the current Term. This all may seem very quick and strange, but this is very unexpected and sudden for us in Parliament as well. We ask while we make this transition you have patience with the staff members as we're going to be very busy adapting the new community. How do we proceed from here? As always, we'd expect you to extend the most common courtesy to all the people who decide to hop aboard the Everneth Express. This is after all our sister community, and you'd expect the same sort of treatment. Our current plans should proceed as normal, and the map reset will (assumingly) happen on May 4th. Should you happen to see someone you haven't seen before, go ahead and give 'em a big, warm welcome! IP Information for all of the newcomers: Main Server: play.everneth.com Test Server: test.everneth.com Games Server: games.everneth.com Glory to the Order! rolo_ Count of Everneth Meme Lord
  13. rolo_

    I'M BACK!

    I know I'd pay for your services. ;D (Not the iron, because ew)
  14. rolo_

    I'M BACK!

    You do know what this means right? We must recreate him... we must recall our favor to the almighty iron gods once more and uphold the throne that is the iron stronghold. We must capitalize, monopolize, hell even destroy the iron market. Take what you can, give nothing back! (Oh hi Morg kind of forgot the point of this thread)
  15. rolo_

    Everneth's Fourth Council Nomination

    ...I can't tell if this is a joke or if I should edit it into the tally. Oh no he is 100% serious on the grounds of: "Naillibys :hammer:'d - Yesterday at 8:46 PM I wouldn't mind a temporary stint lol"
  16. rolo_

    Dark Portal

    The download/installation/initial setup process is quite hefty, but supposedly once you get past that it runs smoothly.
  17. rolo_

    Everneth's Fourth Council Nomination

    And my winner issssssss.......... Danified!
  18. rolo_

    Dark Portal

    If you don't mind my asking, which modpack were you attempting to install? (specific version of ftb)
  19. rolo_

    Everneth's Fourth Council Nomination

    I nominate myself? real nomination to come later *cough*
  20. rolo_

    Ultra Hardcore Season IV Wrap-Up

    'Grats to Syb the Squib for successfully shoving me into a hole full of zombies to finish me off. If only I had more open shots with the Power III bow. : ^ )
  21. rolo_

    1.12 News Thread (SPOILER WARNING!)

    I low-key just click your links to jeb's twitter because he has a cute babby and posts cute babby photos on occasion.
  22. rolo_

    Youtube Subscriptions:

    Don't worry I've been subbed to about 140+ channels for the last 5 years. Granted, I've lost interest in much of the content they post anymore (Yogscast why you make GTA V videos now?), but many people like Olan Rogers (if you're not subscribed to him go subscribe to him now) post once a month if even that.
  23. rolo_

    Ultra Hardcore Season IV Signups

    "But events are always on Sunday. . ." - Danified 2016
  24. rolo_


    Even though I haven't had the urge to play in a few weeks, I still play on minigame servers here and there just to fill my PvP urge. I wish there was somewhere you could practice 1.9 PvP but no servers run it because everyone's too big of a baby >.<
  25. rolo_

    Favorite game and series?

    Favorite game series is Ratchet and Clank (Sly Cooper follows closely behind ) Favorite game.... hm.... Seen as how I've played over 300 games in my lifetime I'll just have to pick one that stands out so..... Star Wars Battlefront II? Literally my childhood. :3