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  1. FlamezX13

    Secret Santa Signups 2018

    Sign me up
  2. FlamezX13

    Community Farms?

    I was wondering if there are any more plans for more community farms. I know we have the ender xp farm and that is a great help to many players. I was wondering if there are any plans for a wither skull or iron farm. I know there is a fortress right under the hub so I was wondering if that was intentional for a future wither skull farm?
  3. May I be whitelisted on the test server, need to design some underground rooms for a base. Also, if alts are allowed to be whitelisted my alt name is FineBricks. Thank You!
  4. FlamezX13

    Secret Santa signups!

    Sign me up! Can't wait!
  5. FlamezX13

    Favorite movies

    I gotta go with the original Star Wars trilogy also. Some of the greatest movies every made.
  6. FlamezX13

    New Short Story "Series"

    I love the style, great mystery short story and I recommend continuing this hobby!
  7. FlamezX13

    1 sentence story

    Once upon a time, there was a Prince named Rolo and a Princess named Warwolf. Prince Rolo and Princess Warwolf were from rival kingdoms, and they despised each other. But one day, both the prince and princess happened to meet each other in the woods. It was at this point that Prince Rolo had discovered much to his dismay that the Princess was really his Uncle Warwolf the III in disguise as the Princess, a shameless similarity. Prince Rolo was unaware that John Cena was disguised as Warwolf III disguised as a Princess. It was after John Cena leaned in to kiss him that Prince Rolo woke up, what a nightmare indeed. But the nightmare was not over, for Prince Rolo's once magnificent palace was now disintegrating into flames. Prince Rolo wanted revenge for his castle, his people, and his kingdom, so he set loose the worst of beings, like the Lich, Bill Cipher, and much more. But soon the worst being built their own kingdom, and prepared an army to conquer the remains of Rolo's kingdom. It was at that time that Prince Rolo and John Cena had to team up to conquer Bill Cipher's kingdom and retake the throne.
  8. FlamezX13

    Rate the avatar above

    5/10 Idk if that is from google or you drew it yourself, if you drew it yourself 10/10