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  1. MoAboss16

    King's Cup II Signups

    Bed wars king is coming
  2. MoAboss16

    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    I will be selling golden apples during the UHC!
  3. So dont go mining. I found an easier way to make diamonds. Build some farms and start a business.
  4. Well the diamond thing gives people motivation to build stuff or make their own farms. I try to raise my prices on purpose to give people the motivation to instead just build their own farm so they wouldnt have to pay those ridiculous prices. Also giving people the help they need here and there for free is also great and i hope we see more of that. The diamond thing makes a competition in spawn and i kinda like that.
  5. Well when your newly joined you cant expect to just know everything. You have to spend time online and get to know people. I played on the server for 4 months before realizing they used discord a lot.
  6. MoAboss16

    Reset Discussion Thread

    Even though i do want to reset the map, i dont think its a great idea since most people will be starting school and wont be able to play regardless. I do hope that staff finds a way to increase activity and i wish the map stays until June. Once June hits most people will be out of school and a reset will be perfect at that time to bring tons of people back to play.
  7. MoAboss16

    A Biiiiiiggg Wall

    I built a large wall around my property but i didnt add any towers to it. Also the banner idea is cool but i didnt have a set banner for my base so i didnt put any on my wall.
  8. MoAboss16

    Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    Sign me up
  9. MoAboss16

    If Money Does Not Matter, What Would You Buy?

    I would get a pizza with 2 toppings
  10. MoAboss16

    Favorite Food of all time?

    #1 Lasagna #2 Hot Dogs #3 Croutons(eating them like chips) ik im weird
  11. MoAboss16

    Go to topping on pizza?

    Who puts pineapple on pizza?? BBQ Chicken Pizza is the best.
  12. MoAboss16


    The Costco in the shopping is district is open for auction! It is extremely large and can be used for what ever store you desire. I must note that it isn't finished from the inside and i left the floor and roof options for the buyers. You can either make your bid here or on Saturday at 1 pm in game! The highest bidder will get the store.
  13. I think he meant 4.5 which means 4 stacks and a half(32)
  14. My bid is 128 diamonds!