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  1. I am so sorry that I have been inactive for over a year; I hope that everyone has had fun and achieved their desires after that reset that was going to happen when I was last active (Easter 2017). Now that I have returned, I hope to bee much more active after the 1.13 reset and shall actually stay active. I am very, very sorry about what happened and I hope that some of you will remember me (reminder: I used to be called nstuartwilliams1, I had a floating house-base off the shore beside the shopping district and I had a food shop). I had begun on building a big castle but unfortunately became inactive so sorry! Anyway, I'm back and that's all that I need to say Have a great day everybody!
  2. •By the time staff will be reading this I'll either be in school or be travelling down to London. •I have been very active on the server since the reset and so I'd like to inform you all of my absence for the following week. •I will not join the server nor discord next week because I will be going sailing on the Norfolk Broads in southern England. My absence could overrun by at most a day as I live very far up north.
  3. Yes, I am hoping to add those to the stocks. I already have chickens but I still need to get pigs and cows. Chicken nuggets shall be coming relatively soon (they will be cooked, too!).
  4. Who owns this shop? This shop is owned by Glostrode (also known as Glostones). When was this shop opened? At 4:04 PM (GMT) on Friday 24th March 2017. What does this shop sell? This shop currently sells wheat, carrots, melon and potatoes. Stocks will be expanded before December to hold pumpkins, pumpkin pies and cakes. Pricelist Carrots - 1 Golden Nugget for 3 Stacks Melon - 1 Golden Nugget for 3 Stacks Potatoes - 1 Golden Nugget for 3 Stacks Wheat - 1 Golden Nugget for 3 Stacks Co-ordinates (located in the Shopping District): X -68 Z 462
  5. I've changed my username to Glostrode so please could my forum name be changed too?
  6. left

    Everneth's Fourth Council Nomination

    I nominate Dauntlessfive513 on reasons of yes EDIT: added a smiley face
  7. Okay, thanks GT. So I can build a shop in the shopping district and have a farm in the farming district without requesting to?
  8. left


    How exactly are you related to canada Jumgle? My dad was born there.
  9. left

    Favorite Youtuber?

    I really like WhiteFyr.
  10. left

    My currennt situation

    I've always wanted to build a medieval city myself - any inspirational screenshots?
  11. left

    New Short Story "Series"

    I love this story - you've got the skill.
  12. left

    When did you first start playing minecraft

    I've been playing Minecraft on Windows since 29th March 2013