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  1. Здесь кто то по русский разговаривает? Does anyone speak Russian?
  2. Minamioo

    What Texture/Resource Pack?

    RageCraft with all the addons. Best resource pack out there!
  3. Minamioo

    Music to game to

    Jazz and classical are the only good kind of music.
  4. Minamioo

    Hidden Gem Games

    Kerbal Space Program is really good! As well as Cities Skylines.
  5. Minamioo

    What in tarnation.

    Give me some "what in tarnation" memes.
  6. Minamioo

    Pun Time

    What do you get when you mix Obama and America? An Obama-nation! (abomination)
  7. Minamioo

    Does anyone play CS:GO?

    I would like to know if anyone plays Counter Strike: Global Offensive and what your rank is. My rank is Silver Elite at the moment but I don't usually play Valve's matchmaking; I play Face It.
  8. The Passing of the Blades was very cool and I have some pictures to share! Link: ">
  9. Minamioo

    Favorite movies

    Interstellar and The Godfather are the best movies to ever exist in my opinion.
  10. I am fine with the way minecraft is right now. Space would just ruin the game in my opinion.
  11. Minamioo

    When did you first start playing minecraft

    I got Minecraft the day they added hunger to the game. The update was beta 1.8 beta.That was 4 years ago today.
  12. Minamioo

    Favorite Music? Artist? Song?

    The best song is New World Symphony by Dvorak.
  13. Minamioo

    Item Names

    Name your wodden axe, "I wish I had world edit"
  14. Minamioo

    Favorite game and series?

    My favorite game is probably CS:GO and my favorite series is the Civilization Series.