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  1. I would agree that we need some more competitions like these. Actually, what might be cool is some mini-building competitions. Like, 1 designated hour to build. That way people like me don't spend nearly the whole time on the server for the month on one build. Stark, what I meant by "crushing" is that you won both 1st place and community fave. You should not try as hard next time.
  2. I'm personally really happy with second. Lots of work went into each of these builds, and they all turned out wonderfully! Man, Stark, why is your interior so beautiful! Oh, and GG for crushing the rest of us XD.
  3. sam8ddd The area's limit is 30 blocks wide by 30 blocks long. The height of the build is irrelevant
  4. Been waiting for this event ever since I joined (about 2.5 weeks ago)! This is gonna be epic!
  5. So it the reset to celebrate pi day? Either way, I'm looking foreward to being able to actually take part in the server, rather than joining a server that's already fully developed ! Will the spawn chunks be designated by co-ordinates (ie 10 chunk radius of spawn), or by some other means? How will the enchanted forest theme work with the nearby bodies of water, including ocean (sponges)? Are there any rules outlining the spacing between people's bases? Is there a set time for when the Ender Dragon Raid will occur? Sorry for the mass of Q's, I just need some clarification, and thanks in advance! I'm so pumped about the reset, I've been counting down the days ever since I joined! focus et dedicatione!
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