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  1. Last map I made the Fire Nation from Avatar the last Airbender. As I progressed, I realized that I wouldn't have time to build this on the main server so I never started it. I did, however, nearly finish it on test. Since it never got to see the light of day, I thought I'd showcase it here, on the forums. Enjoy!
  2. https://www.avatarmc.com/help/rp
  3. It's a custom texture pack from a server... I can send you the link if you want it!
  4. Yeah, it probably looks pretty bad without the texture pack... /shrugs
  5. I'm using a custom texturepack. The gold trim is made of red sandstone. The diorite is also edited so it doesn't look horrific.
  6. I finally started to make some progress on my Air Temple from Avatar the Last Airbender. So far, I have replaced the stone with diorite and I am in the process of doing it on all the cliff faces. Leave some comments and feedback if you want to, I would appreciate it!
  7. We already do activities like that. Usually, the Ministry of Interior, also known as Int, sponsors them. We usually do an Easter Egg hunt around Easter and a Secret Santa around Christmas along with others for other holidays. They are always open to all whitelisted members.
  8. Remove me from the list, something came up qq
  9. Hello citizens of Everneth! The brand new Mini games district is now open! We invite everyone to come play some mini games and maybe even design some. Here are some things that you should know: Location: The new district is located at -200, 150 Rules: 1. Everyone is welcome to design and build a mini game in the district. Make sure that your mini game is a respectable distance from others. 2. Make sure your mini game is functional. 3. Please do not copy any mini games that are already built. 4. Any mini game that does not comply with these rules will be taken down. 5. Anyone is welcome to play any mini game at anytime. Mini games that are already built or in progress: King of the Ladder Mini golf (anyone is welcome to make a hole just contact me and I'll give you the information) Boat racing track Please contact me or reply to this thread if you are planning to build a mini game so I can update this list. We hope to have regular competitions of specific mini games every Friday!
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