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  1. I nominate Beo for his general kindness and fun personality!
  2. 1. Remyyyy 2. -54, 65, 271 3a. 30x30 area 3b. 8/25/18 3c. Everybody who is whitelisted and active!
  3. Forgot about the stone brick trim, I'll add that right away. Screenshots of the fire breathing dog snake are on the way! Thanks kathi :)
  4. Hey guys! This is just an update post to my previous base post a few weeks ago. Since then, I have chosen to go with the Japanese castle theme, and I have also finished the design. I got inspiration for this castle from a Grian video that he made, (don't worry, I didn't copy the video). Also, don't mind the ugly bridge and statue, was just messing around with Kathi and pudds on test. As always, if you would like to help build this project and live inside with me, just reply to this thread.
  5. Didn't see your reply until now. But yeah, the dialogue was kind of crappy, and I may edit in the future. Was kind of in a rush to finish this as I felt I had already taken too long to make a profile.
  6. Arlin Zumrik was born in a small forest elf village, by the name of Ryvelin. Ryvelin was a very beautiful place, the chirps of birds and blooming flowers all filled the air with delight. Arlin grew up in a small home, with 3 siblings. Personal space was very hard to come by in the home, so Arlin spent most of his childhood with the wildlife outside. Arlin's mother and father were both hunters, providing a significant amount of food for the village and the family. By the time Arlin was 15, he had already learned how to skillfully hunt, and provide for the family as well. Arlin believed that he wanted to become a hunter himself, and live within the village until the day he would die. This soon changed however, when Arlin's mother was fatally shot during one of the routine hunting trips. Arlin knew that being killed as a hunter was a large possibility, thus, his dreams changed. He no longer knew what his life would contain. One day, as Arlin was sitting in a tree above his home, the smell of smoke traveled through the village. He jumped down and looked into the forest, licks of fire shot up through the canopy. Arlin started yelling for everybody to get out of the village, knowing that they did not have the resources to stop the raging flames. Arlin's family wasn't in their home, they were surely mourning at the cemetery on the outskirts of town; where the fire had already burned. The village was surrounded, and Arlin knew he had to run. So, using his wit, he ran up the tree once again, reaching a branch that was above the fire. Arlin leaped, praying that he could make it over. When Arlin touched the ground, he was joyful that he could not feel burns all over his body. Arlin made a run for it to the Northeast, where he had heard rumors of a rising kingdom. Arlin traveled along a path, hoping that it would lead to the faraway place. After several days, of walking, hunting, and resting, a tower bearing a red and gold flag appeared over the horizon. Arlin screamed with excitement, which was strange after all that he had just lost. He walked up to the gate, asking to speak to the King. The guard questioned him, then allowed him to speak to the King after hearing his story. Arlin went into the keep, and found King Icarus Forde already aware of his presence in the kingdom. Arlin began to speak, "H-Hi, sir. I've come from Ryvelin. I need a place to live and work. If you need anything done just tell me and I'll-" The King cut him off. "Listen, son. There is an area around here. It goes by the name of Mirkwood, recently renovated from a bandit's lair into the flourishing city it currently is." Icarus said. "Can I live there?" Arlin asked. "You may, on one condition: Mirkwood doesn't have any ties to Kingstone as of right now, I want you to change that. Put up a wall, flags, recruit soldiers. You can lead the village as a vassal of Kingstone. There is no leader of Mirkwood right now, and it seems no citizen wants to be the leader, this is your shot." Icarus explained. "I'll go there right now and tell the citizens I will be their leader. Thank you," Arlin told the king. When Arlin arrived in Mirkwood, the people were thrilled to see a new face in town. Arlin rounded the people up on a path, and spoke of his plans with the village. The people were joyous, finally having somebody to lead them through the dangers in the world. Arlin adopted his culture into the village, with elves being the skilled military archers for the settlement. To this day. Arlin still continues to build Mirkwood into the greatest it can be.
  7. Most likely going to be separate from the RP. And true, it would be very impressive to finish something like that Japanese castle. I'm gonna go with that. Also, one more question about the rp that just sparked from your reply. Would people in Kingstone each have their own settlement (like how this rp was mostly people being vassals), or would it be just one big settlement that would eventually gain a castle and such?
  8. Waddup peeps! With just a few weeks left (hopefully) until the next season of Everneth starts, many people including myself will be planning bases and such. My idea for my base next season will be a large manor of some sort. The theme and building style of this manor is to be determined, but I have narrowed it down to two things. I am more inclined to build #1, but #2 is also still in my head, and would also be cool to build. Here are the styles: 1: A French themed manor/chateau. Could potentially be based off something like this image. 2: An oriental/Chinese/Japanese palace. Based off of something like this. These buildings would be quite large as you can see, and would require a hefty amount of work and material gathering. For that reason, I propose a team of people to help build and gather items for them. These people would have the choice to live with me in the build as well once it is finished, seeing as it would be very large just for one person. If you would like to help build and/or live in the manor with me, reply to this post or message me on discord. Thanks
  9. 1. IGN - Remyyyy, DefendPopPunk 2. Coords of Build --- -263, 64, 1554 3. Context Questions What is the maximum area allowed for you build? 50x50 When are all entries due by? December 30th What is your favorite Christmas song and why? Mine is Sleigh Ride, because we play it in band every year, and its catchy af.
  10. Within spawn, there is four different areas for builds. Shops, housing, games, and farms. Outside of spawn, you may build wherever and however you please.
  11. We do have a nether hub already actually!
  12. I always prefer a cozy base, but that could fit into all three of those types. In my opinion, I think I treehouse base would be very cool!
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