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  1. ProfessorDangle

    Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    Count me in, friendos!
  2. ProfessorDangle

    Impromptu Council Nominations (Round 2!) Discussion

    I nominate Kathi as well! I believe she would make a wonderful addition!
  3. ProfessorDangle

    How do you organize your inventories?

    Compared to some other players' inventories, mine is pretty lackluster and fairly minimalistic. I travel with either a silk touch or fortune pickaxe so I don't need to make a second trip when I come across ores, and I use them as standard work pick as well. I don't use a sword, because I have sharpness on my axe, to free up an inventory space. Although, I will use a sword if I'm trying to get loot from a certain mob, whether it's a wither skull, leather, or just meat from a mob. My shovel is a standard work shovel, no silk touch or fortune, as it can become a nuisance if I need dirt/grass or gravel/flint. I normally keep a stack of rockets on me at all times for easy transportation. An elytra and chest plate for obvious reasons. I will take the elytra off if I'm going mining or fighting other mobs, other than that, I will just keep the elytra on. Now, if I'm going on a long expedition, I will fill my ender chest will various shulker boxes, such as a treasure box, consumables box, tools and armor box, etc. However, if I'm just sticking around the homestead, my ender chest will look how it does in the picture below. Each item has a unique backstory, and will eventually go into a museum of some sort. Starting from the left, there is the first dragon egg ever, I was fortunate enough to snag it once we all killed the dragon (and yes, it's going to go in a museum). Then we have a notch apple I found whilst exploring for my mushroom island. The apple will help me get a variety of different advancements. After the notch apple, we have a creeper skull that I got when I least expected it! Unfortunately, the dang thing cost me my life! Next, we have a pumpkin with the curse of binding on it. I was successful in getting it on to Cookeh's head with a pressure plate and a dispenser, hahaha. The next two items, are a wooden pickaxe, and a piece of dark oak wood. The wooden pickaxe is my first tool ever made on the Everneth server, and the dark oak log is my first block ever mined on the server. Last but not least, the book and quill is the Professor's to do list, to keep him from procrastinating.
  4. ProfessorDangle

    [DISCUSSION] May Awards

    While I'm honored that I received such a wonderful award, I am also curious as to what I got it for? My town really isn't worthy of such a title, hahaha.
  5. ProfessorDangle

    Open Auction!!! - Base/Guardian Farm/Iron Farms/Mob Farm

    Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen. The Professor is coming in with the bid of... 1 diamond. That's my final offer!
  6. Hello friends, hope you're all doing well! My suggestion is, rather than displaying the amount of hearts a player has in the tab menu, why not display the amount of deaths they have? Just a quick suggestion, but your thoughts would be much appreciated! Thank you!