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  1. sign me up pls, its turning spring we need to rid of the snow.
  2. same thing for me, browsed MSL for whitelisted servers since uh well any non-whitelisted server was hell pretty much been here 2 years
  3. I personally am looking forward to completing a base or at least having one that isn't just a house or a weird hole in the ground.
  4. signing up again because forums did a bad
  5. Spiderman: Into the spider-verse? it's on us Netflix /shrug
  6. i will probably be able to make it sign me up
  7. I may be able to attend, 50/50 chance, seeing as it's my dad's birthday the 27th, I may still be at my mom's at the time, I will go solo as I don't plan to have a partner or have anyone get hopes up for me being their partner as I may be gone, I will try to be there if I can.
  8. I might be able to make it. 50% chance i will 50% i wont be able to
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