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  1. signing up again because forums did a bad
  2. Spiderman: Into the spider-verse? it's on us Netflix /shrug
  3. i will probably be able to make it sign me up
  4. I may be able to attend, 50/50 chance, seeing as it's my dad's birthday the 27th, I may still be at my mom's at the time, I will go solo as I don't plan to have a partner or have anyone get hopes up for me being their partner as I may be gone, I will try to be there if I can.
  5. I might be able to make it. 50% chance i will 50% i wont be able to
  6. pls sign me up, k thx -Studio528
  7. Can I sign up as solo? I gtg about an hour and a half in. thx, Spookio528
  8. Spookio528 (Studio528) 200ish 4261 are my base coords. Dont mess with my farms and stuff. Otherwise build whatever you want nearish to my island. Nether tunnel is top purple. I would recommend being careful tho. Ghasts might be a bit of a problem
  9. Lindsey was born and loved for but her parents were murdered when she was 7. She was sad and didn't remember much from around then. She pretended to die to cover up the fact that her parents were murdered by a different evil being. That much she remembered, Now at 15, she knew a little more of her history. While she didn't remember much more than she did remember. she relished the memories of happy times. She was human but she always felt something different under her, prowling like it wanted out. She decided to go to a different continent and see if magic healers could do something. They had found nothing, but they recommend going to a more powerful being, called Fae, and Lindsey went to see if she could get help from them. She met the ruler of that area, whose name was Fermy, and talked. She was sought after by this ruler because of her heritage. Lindsey came from a long line of ancestors with powerful magic and she had some of it. Fermy almost got her memories of her childhood but Lindsey escaped before it could happen. She wanted to train to get her strength up and maybe learn more about her history. So she was put with a Fae warrior and was set to train. Her name, Lindsey, is her fake name. Her real name was revealed by Fermy but not said to the world, as that would come later when she decided to reveal it. She had been a slave after her parents had been killed. That's how she decided Lindsey was going to be her name. Kingstone had just been started being built at the time and she did not know of it. Kingstone was going to be a mighty kingdom. Almost everyone knew her family's name as they were once rulers of a mighty kingdom and had been conquered so they left in disguise and they were thought dead but the enemy knew that they weren’t. Lindsey’s other goal is to reclaim her country but she hopes that is also not her destiny to do that as it would be a hard thing to do. Reclaiming her country would include learning her powers even more and then pushing back. Then she would have to reveal herself before that. But it might be the only thing she could do if there is no other destiny. So she trained and learned some of her powers that Fermy knew she had. She also learned how to shift into that thing crawling under her skin. She was part Fae and she was surprised to be one of the few Fae there were. She stayed as Fae most of her time as she was faster and stronger. Her magic included fire and a little bit of water and it was enough magic to be considered powerful. She learned how to control that magic and managed to burn down basically everything within a mile radius. When she got back to the main continent she traveled back to her old apartment, which she hadn’t been in for about 3 years. She slept for a whole day to regain magic and lost sleep. She traveled for about 3 days before she came across a kingdom and decided she was going to stay there and be hidden. She bought a small house, not big enough to be noticed. She became a guard and helped protect Kingstone. She enchanted her weapons and armor with her water magic. She would transform into her Fae form when she got to her house but stay human as a guard to not surprise anyone. She kept her secrets to herself telling no-one, even her closest friends. Now at 16 she works hard and will extend a hand and help anyone who needs it.
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