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  6. BOOM ... BOOM ... BOOM ... "HOLD THE DOOR!" A nobleman screamed at the guards laying down. "THE BARRICADE CAN'T HOLD OUT MUCH LONGER! GET UP! PROTECT YOUR IMPERATOR!" Guards frantically scrambled to the door trying to hold back the crowds of people on the other side. The nobleman scurried to the other side of the room where the rest of those faithful to the Empire of Solis were cowering. In total, there were 17 of them. The 4 nobles and their families made up 12 out of the 17. The other figures among the group were injured soldiers who were getting closer to death every passing minute. The nobleman found his family, his wife and two sons, seated next to the flames trying to keep warm. His wife was singing songs to her toddler and the crying infant in her arms trying to soothe them. When the toddler saw his father approach them, he asked, in a whimpering voice, "Father, are those the bad people? Are they going to hurt us?" "Shhhh my boy," the nobleman replied as he embraced his toddler in his arms. "Those people are NOT going to hurt you. I'll make sure of that." As he embraced his toddler, the nobleman caught the eye of his wife. She had stopped singing, and he realized she had started to quietly sob. Realizing the inevitability of their situation, the nobleman decided to do what he was taught to do as a young child when he found himself in dangerous situations like this. Pray. "Here," he said as he let go of his son. He reached into his jacket and got out one of the holy books he managed to recover from the library before it was burned. "Shall we say a prayer?" He sat down and put the toddler in between him and his wife. The babe had also stopped crying. His wife took hold of her toddler's hand while still clutching the babe. The nobleman took the hand of his toddler as well. He opened the book. As his family began to shut their eyes for the prayer he was about to recite, the nobleman took one final look at the room surrounding him. Around him were other families soothing each other and praying as well. He looked over to his right and saw the wounded men. All of them had their eyes closed. Whether they were dead, he could not tell. They looked peaceful. As he continued to scan the room, he saw the guards holding back the door. By the look of the exhaustion on the guards' faces, the nobleman knew the inevitable was close at hand. The people were about to break through. Finally, the nobleman scanned the highlight of the room: the throne and the window behind it. The throne itself was bare. No one had sat in that seat for weeks. But the window was occupied by a lone figure. The Imperator. He had a saddened look in his eyes as he looked out the window. The nobleman had always been a loyal servant to the Imperator, and he still was now. It hurt him to see him like this, in this state. Eventually, his eyes drifted away from the Imperator and down into the book before him. He began to pray with his family. BOOM ... BOOM ... BOOM ... The Imperator looked at the waves crashing against the rocky shore beneath him. He never realized how truly beautiful Solis was until these past few weeks. Until the uprisings began. He thought about the events that had led up to this moment... BOOM ... BOOM ... BOOM ... It all began when the war between the Empire of Solis and Kingstone had begun. At first, the people of Solis truly believed in the cause they were fighting for: to bring order and peace by uniting all of Loden underneath the Solis banner. It seemed plausible. It seemed that Solis simply could not lose. And then the battles began. With the two major battles of the war being landslide victories for Kingstone, the people and the soldiers began to lose morale fast. This only quickened when a rumor began saying that the Imperator had not even attended either one of the battles. He had, instead, been absent for unknown reasons. The leader of Solis was not there to lead his armies. It was here that the people of Solis began to lose faith in their leader. With the added food and water shortages, people began to take to the streets calling for an end to the war. When Kingstone announced an ultimatum, the people of Solis rejoiced in the streets, for they thought the war was over. Merchants had told stories about the Kingstonians and their plentiful food and land, both of which had run out in Solis. The people were willing to join Kingstone if that meant survival, and when the ultimatum was signed, life would be peaceful once more. The ultimatum was never signed. When Solis rejected the ultimatum, riots broke out around the Empire. Eventually, they turned very violent with deaths on both sides. This eventually instigated a full out civil war in Solis. Ironically, this made Solis finally surrender to Kingstone, but the damage had already been dealt. The people of Solis saw their government as weak and corrupt. They wanted change. Eventually the people of stormed the capital. This led to many high ranking officials fleeing Loden to other lands. The Imperator, however, remained. BOOM ... BOOM ... BOOM ... The Imperator snapped out of his trance. He turned around and saw his guards putting up one final stand. He saw the wounded soldiers dead on the ground. He saw the family of those who still believed in Solis sitting in a corner crying. He even saw one family holding hands, praying. The Imperator watched them pray. He lost his faith in the gods long ago. Now as he stared at death in the face, he considered prayer himself. The Imperator turned back around towards the window and the waves crashing against the rocks below. Ironic. The Imperator thought. It seems as though that's all the Empire of Solis did. Run away from their problems. Well, there is nowhere else to run now. BOOM ... BOOM ... BOOM ... "MY LORD!" one of the guards screamed, "WE CANT HOLD ON MUCH LONGER!" The Imperator looked down at his people still loyal to him and then to the window overlooking the shores. He then looked at the guards who knew what he was thinking. BOOM ... BOOM ... CRASH ... A lot of time had passed since the overthrow of the Solis government. A new, much more stable government had been set into place with the help of Kingstone. Had Kingstone helped aid the revolutionists? We may never know. All we do know is that the Old Solis Empire is no more. When the people sacked the throne room all they found was a few live guards fighting till the very end, dead guards lying peacefully against the wall, a lone book in the corner, and a shattered window overlooking the rocky shores down below. When they searched the shoreline they found no trace of any bodies. The new government of Solis then sent out search parties throughout the land hunting down The Imperator and his followers. In their 3 weeks long search, the search party managed to round up all of The Imperator's followers. They executed all of the noblemen and their wives. They left their children in an orphanage in Kingstone where they soon found lovely families to be a part of. The Imperator was never found. Although one family states that while traveling, as they stopped to eat, a strange man in torn royal garments approached them and stole their basket full of food and disappeared into the night... (I want to thank everyone for being apart of the Solis side of the RP. Even though we didn't have a great fighting chance in battles, I'd like to think we still had fun building up Solis. I hope we have more RPs like this in the future. Ave Solis!)
  7. IT'S A BIRD! IT'S A PLANE! IT'S... a freakishly tall-necked llama? WTF? Welcome one-and-all the Unofficial Official Everneth Prank War(s)! The UOEPW unofficially officially started when Kaddaschatzi and P_Puddles, late last night, were attacked by Mr_Yogi_Bear, the leader of the organization known as the National Association Society of Caring for Animal Rights (N.A.S.C.A.R.). Angered by Kathi and Puds' abusement and mistreatment of animals within their base, N.A.S.C.A.R. established the first ever Animal Safety Sanctuary (A.S.S.) for llamas. This A.S.S. aims to provide shelter, food, and water for llamas of all races. N.A.S.C.A.R. hopes to erect (hehe) more A.S.S.s in the future on the new Everneth map to combat evil animal abusers such as Kathi and Pudds. Now that we have the introduction for the UOEPW out of the way, let's move on to everybody's FAVORITE topic... RULES and GUIDELINES A. Prank Wars 1.) To start a Prank War, one must prank a member of the server 2.) To be deemed "worthy of being pranked/one who will prank" sign up below 3.) If you want to start/join a Prank War and you know that that person will retaliate to your prank, please note that a Prank War must go through at least 2 cycles (Prank --> Retaliation --> Retaliation --> Retaliation) before one side can "surrender." 4.) Once a side surrenders, the loser must pay the winning side some sort of prize B. Pranks 1.) No TNT 2.) No Lava 3.) No Wither 4.) No Fire 5.) No other destructive/annoying objects 6.) No stealing 7.) No destroying the player's base 8.) No pranking on land that the player is going to be using in the future 9.) Ask the 5 Wills before doing ANY prank -- Will they get mad? -- Will I get in trouble by staff? -- Will they do something equally as bad BACK to me (Golden Rule baby)? -- Will this prank be too hard to clean up? -- Will this possibly hurt my relation to that player? (If you answered yes to any of these ?'s, then reconsider your prank. We all want to have fun here, but please don't be THAT guy) 10.) Leave a sign stating your name/organization/something where the person being pranked knows who he/she is being pranked by (Don't put someone else's name down. Srsly.) 11.) If solo, prank that person's base. If a group, prank that group's "HQ". 12.) BE CREATIVE BUT NOT ANNOYING C. Groups/Organizations 1.) You can go solo or create/join a team 2.) A group can have up to 4 players 3.) Must build a PROPER "HQ" in order to start pranking (Not a dirt hut, an actual legitimate base) 4.) ALL members are equally at fault if a prank breaks one of the rules 5.) Groups can go after solos, so it is HIGHLY recommended you join a group 6.) To get your group/HQ approved, msg Mr_Yogi_Bear on discord D. Recording Pranks 1.) After you commit a prank, wait for the person to see the prank, and then make a post about your prank in Oakstead Tavern a.) Include who did it b.) Include who you did it to c.) Include a date (time?) d.) Include a picture e.) Say why you did it (I want to keep a record of all the pranks) E. HAVE FUN! TL;DR: Prank wars are starting NEXT map. Don't do something stupid. Have fun. To sign up just reply to this post
  8. Mr_Yogi_Bear

    Rejoinder to Kingstone

    The following message is from the Grand Imperator of the Empire of Solis, Yogi: Salvete King Icarus Forde of Kingstone! I hope you had a joyous holiday season! Over my festivities I have read your so called “ultimatum” and have reviewed it with my high council. The Summus Conventus, after a thorough conversation and contemplation, has come up with the following to respond to your “ultimatum.” It is quite laughable at the amount of audacity Kingstone has. This “ultimatum” gave us great joy and lots of laughs over the holiday season, and I appreciate that. You, King Icarus Forde King of Kingstone and all its vassals, are perhaps the most impetuous and brash ruler we, the Empire of Solis, have come into contact with. How dare you take advantage of the people of Lutum into thinking that you have this so called “upper-hand.” How dare you act in such bias and prejudice. It is laughable. It is disgraceful that you discern yourself as “better” and “superior” to Solis in every right. And to have the audacity to declare that “...[A denial to respond] will result in an immediate Kingstone victory and SHAMEFUL end to the Solis Empire…” is truly what gives Kingstone its greatest weakness and exploit: its arrogance. Do not think we ignored your “ultimatum.” The council finds great hilarity in your little “game,” dearest King Icarus (Ike) Forde of Kingstone and all of its vassals and prophet of the gods, so we have decided to, in fact, respond to it. DEMAND #1 (Lopp steps down as Consules. He is a war criminal and peace between Solis and Kingstone is impossible as he holds power in the Empire) It infuriates me that Kingstone can go to such lengths to say that they control our government. They have no right to say these things. This only adds to their arrogance and brashness. DEMAND #2 (Kingstone shall never again bend to impromptu and non-consensual battles. Failing to understand this will mean an immediate surrender of the pertaining battle.) This part of the letter is the only part in which I can come to terms with. We will cooperate. OPTION #1 (Solis continues the fight, using the days until the 2nd of January to train their warriors and recruit new men. You must respect our second demand) This is the only option we actually like as it gives time for the hatred to die down and doesn't mean that our time with Kingstone is to an end. However, in the description it treats us like we're the only ones who have done wrong, which we find ignorant as to project the blame on only us and that 'us' includes all of us where it was actually a minority of 'us' who caused an already problematic situation to become bigger than it had to be and not include themselves to be part of the problematic situation. OPTION #2 (Solis has one final stand. They defend their capital against Kingstone, if they win, and respect BOTH of our demands then we will give them a very very attractive peace treaty) This is a grab for another battle which we feel we already don't want to do. Most of us at the Battle of Fort Acies did not enjoy the battle, we just wanted it to get over and done with because it was so much hassle due to miscommunication and pure ignorance from Kingstone. It is known by now throughout the lands of Lutum that Solians are not good at fighting, but to throw another fight at us that we will surely lose is a pure sign of Kingstone’s cockiness and arrogance. OPTION #3 (Solis admits defeat and decides to work with Kingstone towards a fair and final peace treaty. You must respect our first demand) We believe this option not only is insulting, other than the actual 'option', but also arrogant and brash in its description. Kingstone has done nothing but boast from the start of its days in Lutum. A boast which has been noticed by many and commented on, but those comments have been ignored by those who say they want to improve. We believe that description sums up what we've been up against. In conclusion, King Icarus (Ike) Forde of Kingstone and all of its vassals, prophet of the gods, bringer of peace, savior of the world, we “met” option #1. We will never stop fighting against Kingstone and its arrogance. This is why we wish to rid of you from our lands because of your arrogance. Take this however you want, mighty king, because it still will not matter in the end. Solis will still be forever in the shadow of the great Empire of Kingstone and it’s mighty, great ruler, King Icarus (Ike) Forde of Kingstone and all of its vassals, prophet of the gods, bringer of peace, savior of the world, the new Messiah, the chosen one, freer of chains. Signed, Grand Imperator Yogi Consule Kaddaschatzi Consule Puddles Praetori Pandeoo Legate Lopp Tribune Sh3mm
  9. Mr_Yogi_Bear

    The Lore of Solis

    500 years before the beginning of the Vetus Era, the first founders of Solis came into Lutum. They were the Nani (Latin for dwarves). Believed to have been born from the sun itself, they arrived off the shore of the Augustus Mountain Range. The Nani quickly began to make their home inside the of the mountains. They named their newly found city Solis. They named it after the sun, their mother. Solis was a vast network of tunnels and rooms, most of which have still yet to be discovered. The first great king of Solis, Belkon I, came into contact with the Exters. Just like the humans would do centuries later, Belkon saw these native people as a threat and vowed to rid the lands of them. In a series of events dubbed the Great Conquest, Belkon conquered all known lands North of the Augustus Mountain Range. He set up the foundations of what would become the Solis Kingdom. At the height of their kingdom, the Nani controlled all of Locus Magnum. Not only had they controlled all of Northern Lutum, but they had unimaginable riches. Belkon setup the best empire Lutum would ever see. Then, the beginning of the Vetus Era began. The Nani were very hesitant with interacting with the Moenians and remained hidden. In fact, the Nanis are not once mentioned in any ancient texts of the Moenians. Only after the Sus War, did the Nanis reveal themselves to the Moenians. They became powerful allies. The Nani traded their jewelry and riches for the Moenians exotic herbs and spices. When Moenia split into three, the Nanis once more went into hiding, fearful of the Moenians’ wars. There they hid in their caves for many more decades until, while mining for gold, a Purid civilian discovered one of the caves of the Nani. Fearful that they were a powerful enemy, the emperor of the Purid Empire, Suiot II, flushed out the Nani with water. He drowned their ancient civilization and slaughtered the Nani. Today, it is still unknown whether the Nani are still living deep below Solis. With the newly gained land, Suiot II set up the town of Solis. Unlike the dwarves, the Purids built their new town above ground. Solis was a measly fishing village until, due to famine and plague, Len IV moved the capital of the Eastern Purid Empire to Solis. Quickly, this small fishing village grew into a massive city and became an impressive trade center. Solis grew and grew until finally in 42 B.G.A., the Exters threatened the Eastern Purid Empire from the East. With Solis and the army of the Moramini between him and conquering all of Lutum, Xiumot decided to split his army in two and attacked on two front: one with the Moramini and one with Solis. It was a hard-fought battle with most of the great city of Solis burning to the ground. After months of fighting, however, what was left of the Purid empires pushed back the Exters and Xiumot’s army was destroyed. In the years of rebuilding to come, Solis once again became a powerful and rich city. The two empires of Purid reunited to form what would become the Solis Empire. It stretched over all of Lutum and had no competition for years. In 348 A.G.A, a new Imperator was sworn in: Imperator Yogi. He further improved relations with the people in his Empire. He maintained the peace for 20 more years until finally, a new empire threatened the sanctity of Lutum. Kingstone.
  10. Yellow - The City of Solis Orange - Antiquorum Tower Red - Fort Acies Located on the northeastern edge of the Augustus Mountain Range, there is a rich history behind the great Fort Acies. The same dwarves who had created Ancient Solis also created Fort Acies. Finished in 654 B.G.A., it was once a mighty stronghold of the dwarves in the Augustus Mountain Range. It protected the dwarves for centuries before the Eastern Purid Empire, in 27 B.G.A., happened upon Solis and drove the dwarves out of the Augustus Mountain Range. Because of the harsh winter of 26 B.G.A., the Purids did not discover Fort Acies, and thus Fort Acies was lost to time. The wood rotted away and the stone began to crumble. It was rediscovered in 364 B.G.A., by a shepherd who had been searching for his lost sheep. The soldiers of Solis occupied the tower for about a year before Imperator Yogi called them to deal with the Kingstonian threat rising in the West. After the Battle of Antiquorum Tower, the Kingstonians were unable to invade Solis due to the harsh conditions of the Augustus Mountain Range. King Icarus of Kingstone led his soldiers North through the Ligna Soli Forest and through the Palus Swamp until finally, they saw an opening in the Augustus Mountain Range where they could attack Solis: through Fort Acies. However, Imperator Yogi, back with his soldiers, and been secretly tracking the Kingstonians. He had heard of the mysterious dwarven Fort Acies but never had he stepped foot in it. He calculated that that was where the Kingstonians would attack next. He set up his defenses and waited for the impending Kingstonian charge...
  11. Mr_Yogi_Bear

    Official Solis Recruitment Page

    A decree by the Imperator of Solis, Greetings! I am Imperator Yogi, leader of the Empire of Solis. With the Kingdom of Kingstone expanding more and more and threatening our great lands, I have issued this letter to go out to the far reaches of Lutum in hopes of inspiring you to join a noble cause. For decades, Solis has been the sole defender of Lutum against the unknown dangers of the outside world. We kept peace and prosperity and all of the citizens within our jurisdiction lived happy and quiet lives. Sadly, the time of peace and prosperity is over. Kingstone now threatens our lands and is inspiring revolution within our Empire. For too long have we let these foreigners hold our land. For too long have you, citizens, lived in fear. For too long, has the Empire of Solis been silent about the threat. Now we act! Together we can push back these Kingstonians and restore order to our once peaceful area of the world. I, Imperator Yogi, ask you to join our cause and become heroes that will be remembered for the centuries to come. Apply today and join the fight! Congregatim pugnamus, et stamus in aeternitatem. Ave Solis! Signed, Imperator of the Empire of Solis Yogi The Imperator also requests that if you are indeed interested in joining the cause of Solis, that you reply to this thread or directly message him or his Consules (Kaddoschatzi and lopp) on Discord.
  12. Mr_Yogi_Bear

    The Battle of Antiquorum Tower

    Citizens of Lutum! I am bringing you news of great sorrow. Solis was unable to advance to Kingstone and our forces were ambushed at Antiquorum Tower just outside the Augustus Mountain Range. The tower was once an ancient guard post where the Eastern Empire of Purid could see enemies coming from miles away. It served them well during the reign of the Empire. It did not serve Solis well. My deepest remorse for the families of the soldiers of Solis who lost their lives due to these barbarians. You shall have your revenge. I also apologize for not being present at the battle for I was attending another problem within our Empire. But do not let this defeat bring you down! Sharpen your weapons! Fasten your armor! We shall return and Solis will be victorious, I swear to all! Signed, Imperator Yogi
  13. Mr_Yogi_Bear

    Join the Fight!

    Greeting citizens of Lutum! Once again your lands are threatened by a vile threat! The Kingstonians! They intend to rob you of your homeland and force you to serve them. Do not let these foreign invaders push you around! Join the Empire of Solis and together we can push them back! Solis promises no taxation and to hear your voice in our council. Kingstone intends to rid you of these privileges! Their tyrant is ruthless and cruel! Too long have you lived in fear! Too long have you hidden in the shadows! Too long have you been bullied and persecuted! Now is the time to fight back for our homeland, for our cities, for our families! Congregatim pugnamus, et stamus in aeternitatem. Ave Solis! Signed, Imperator Yogi (If you are interested in joining, please DM me, Kathi, or lopp on the Discords!)