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  1. BlackoutAbyss

    Favorite Hobby

    My favorite thing to do would definitely be skateboarding or playing video games. It's gotten cold so i can't exactly skate around at the moment so I've spent most of my time inside playing video games or sleeping. So please tell me what your favorite hobbies are so that way i can get to know you all a little better.
  2. BlackoutAbyss

    what's your favorite soda?

    I live in the south so i am privileged with the delicious citrus drink called Sundrop. It's been my favorite drink since i was little but if i had to choose a second it would definitely be Dr. Pepper.
  3. BlackoutAbyss

    All Time Favorite Video Game (Excluding MC)

    I have always been tied between The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask and The Last of Us (I can't wait for 2). Dark Cloud 2 is another game that sticks out to me as well as Pokemon: Soul Silver.
  4. BlackoutAbyss

    Whats your favourite Artist/Musician? Any Genre.

    I listen to just about anything. At the moment it's been a lot of techno/dubstep and rap. Currently my favorite Band to listen ti would be Caravan Palace with there song: Lone Digger.
  5. BlackoutAbyss

    Favorite Movie

    I'm more into classics such as The Outsiders or The Breakfast Club, but currently the movies that stick out most (Probably because they are the ones that I have watched most recently) are Deadpool and Spiderman: Homecoming. I'm am a hardcore Marvel Fan.
  6. BlackoutAbyss

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    I know how to play the drums as well as the marimba (a large xylophone). If anyone has any knowledge of marching band, specifically drum line, I learned how to play marching bass drum, marching snare drum, and quads.
  7. BlackoutAbyss

    How many years have you guys been playing games?

    I've played games since i was around 7 and I'm 17 now so around 10 years. It has seemed like a long time but really time has flown by.
  8. BlackoutAbyss

    Whats your guys favourite type of base style?

    I usually stick toward rustic and rural building but at the moment I'm dabbling in creating modern houses and structures.