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  1. JoMiGo

    Secret Santa Signups 2017!

    I’m down, sounds fun!
  2. JoMiGo

    Favorite movies

    The Lord of the Rings series, The Fast and the Furious series, Pirates of the Caribbean series, Star Wars, and many others
  3. i like to live in a small town with like 15 to 20 ish people
  4. JoMiGo

    What's the best thing you've ever built on Minecraft?

    defiantly a 5,000 block long advance railroad system.
  5. JoMiGo

    Favorite Music? Artist? Song?

    EDM by Martin Garrix, Demitri vegas, Telesto, Dj snake, strilikx, Major lazer Etc. Rock n roll by AC/DC, led zeplion, the egals, guns n roses, bosten, van halen, Etc.
  6. JoMiGo


    the flash Once upon a time Arrow Agents of shield The magicians lost Dr. Who stranger things these are just a few, i dont really have a life....
  7. teleportation using survival minecraft and redstone, a teleportation block
  8. but tweat are you saying that there is no facebook for gamers? because if not.... ill make one
  9. I truly dont know the answer to this question so I though i would ask.
  10. Nadeshot!!!!!! that dude is like my Call of Duty Hero
  11. JoMiGo

    Favorite Thing to Build in Minecraft?

    Automatic farms! those things are so helpful and amazing to build
  12. JoMiGo

    What an ideal town should look like?

    my perfect town would look like an old french town where all the builds are 2 story and all connected and flush together. it would have an old rustic fell with a modern twist.
  13. JoMiGo

    Who's your Favorite Pokemon

    Magnezone is my favorite Pokemon, and my favorite type is electric. I also love Zekrom he is my favorite legionary.
  14. JoMiGo

    Favorite sports?

    My favorite sport as a child was football, and i also played baseball too. but as i grew up i found my love for esports. My favorite esports team has to be Optic gaming, and my favorite epsorts athlete is Formal, the Call of Duty God.